I have a few questions (ALL ABOUT GAMEPLAY)

So as my first time in a real forza game now that it has come to pc i have been enjoying it alot only i have quite a few questions for long term players.
So here goes:

  1. Is it normal that every online lobby only votes for S2 class and it is basically hyper cars only online?

  2. there is no restriction on every race so i can basically just do every single race with just 1 car right?

  3. i love muscle cars but i can’t really make them feel usefull, as soon as i slightly upgrade them the wheels keep spinning up until i am in 3rd gear.

  4. Is there a good tuning / upgrades guide or video somewhere because the only thing im doing is adding turbos and engine swapping.

If anyone could answer some or all of these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

And have fun out there :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. IT has always been this way, always will.

  2. As far as I am aware, yes.

  3. Spinning tires + long wheelbase = drifting monster

  4. Wait a little on this. Someone is bound to publish a tuning guide/calculator.

  1. Yeah, sadly a lot seem to go for S - Class… which is boring.

  2. If you Blueprint each Event… then I can’t see why not? Except special events.

  3. You can download Tunes for every car which might help a bit. Adjust things like roll cages, wider back tyres, grippier tyres, better suspension, etc. And obviously don’t plant the throttle so hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Unfortunately this is something that is never going to change. People who call themselves “competitive” only seem to want to race the fastest class they top out in. They’ve either built their cars for the top or think it’s the only one that matters.

  2. Forza Horizon 3 has the blueprint feature that lets you set your own restrictions.

  3. This is entirely dependent on how you build and tune your car. Most cars with a ton of power in their engine have this issue so remember to update your gears (and other prominent settings) with every huge power climb you make.

  4. There are even apps to help you with this, however it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Only you can truly tune something how you like it, but the guides can help give pointers if you know what you want.

  1. Naw, there are a bunch of people that choose S1, A and B class, although I’ve been in some C and D class championships. Yeah, most people use hyper cars, but a lot also use the occasional juiced car upgraded from the lower classes.

  2. You can do all the exhibitions and tournaments in the same car, you’re the boss!! The PI rating you have in your current car will be matched to the other Drivatars in the race.

  3. Message me, tell me your muscle car, and I’ll tune it for you. :wink:

  4. I have no idea on this one. However these is an app called the “ForzaTune,” an app that helps you calculate tunes for faster times and etc, although it is for the Motorsport series. FH3 runs on Forza Motorsport 6’s physic engine… so maybe they both will work about the same?