I have a feeling (Bathurst)

I have a feeling Bathurst will be in the game or some rendition of it.

It would be cool especially since they’re adding the v8 supercars to the game. Maybe thats what’s in the south west part of the map they didn’t show in the map reveal.

That would be great

I believe you can just about see a track on the map in one of the YouTube videos
It would be very cool to have a track you could just drive in to like the good old TDU days


Tracks on horizon…why not…just enter the track from any point…hell yeah!

I really don’t think the Bathurst will be in, but Surfers Paradise (the city) is in, so if anything, we’ll probably see the street circuit.

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Instead of Bathurst they could add Willowbank. It’s about an hour or so from Surfer’s Paradise and is home to the V8 Supercars track Queensland Raceway as well as Willowbank Raceway, a fully setup 1/4 drag strip.

To be honest I don’t think they’ll have any racing circuits in the game. It would cause too much overlap between Horizon and Forza and that would be detrimental to both franchises in the long run. Also with them paying for licensing of many cars and many songs, adding tracks to that may be too expensive anyway. Motorsport for tracks, Horizon for open roads. I think that’s how it’ll always be. Motorsport has lost songs, since Horizon landed too. I think it’s a way for them to differentiate the titles, one is focused track based racing, the other is open road music blaring hooning! lol


Shouldn’t cause any problems though as both bathurst and surfers paradise are public roads, not sanctioned race tracks

In those particular configurations they do in fact hold the rights for those as sanctioned race tracks. So yes there will be problems. If they use them as they are used for racing they will cause issues for the legal and PR teams. They will cause issues for future licensing deals, and will cause damage to Forza’s reputation as well. Things like this are very complicated and hard to work out, that’s why they have legal teams that specialise in exactly this kind of stuff. Having the roads in is one thing, but having them in the exact layout with a blueprint for it is going to cause problems of all kinds. Heck most cities even own their own copyrights now in case people want to put their city in a game!

I hate to burst any bubbles here, but I asked Dan G during one of the live streaming interviews (asked specifically about Bathurst and Phillip Island), and he confirmed that there are “no plans to have any real world circuits in horizon, if you want tracks, we have Forza Motorsport.”

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