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I finish gold with no problem, i’m not even all that good.

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Yeah, a touch of patience and even the slightest skill and the track is a blast to run. Not really sure where your problem stems from.

To each their own, I guess. I like Long Beach - a lot. Long Beach Full is my favorite track, along with the Indy Oval. Polar opposite tracks - makes no sense, I guess. But they’re both tracks I got to run the long multiplayer races on.

Bathurst was my bugaboo for a long time - then the 300-mile Xbox Holden challenge got me to put in mondo miles in a short time.

I understand your pain dude. It’s easy to get discouraged in the first few turns because of the carnage, but that’s part of the challenge. In real life, Long Beach is notorious for this sort of thing, especially at the start. You just have to learn to get through it and keep on moving.

I keep to the left all the way through the first few turns, which usually keeps me from getting spun out or jammed up in traffic. Hope this helps!