I got Forza 7 Refunded, here is why!

I am sad to say I had to get Forza 7 refunded due to several complaints and problems.

-Force feedback is extremely poor, there is no road feel at all! Coming from games like Assetto Corsa / Iracing / Rfactor and LFS I can’t drive with poor FFB. That being said Forza 7 is no where near the level of Sim as the titles I mention so I did not expect the world, but it still does not excuse such poor FFB in a racing game in 2017.
-No FOV slider for PC! I can understand no FOV slider for consoles to keep the game running smooth as intended, but on high end PC hardware that can handle it… come on. I sometimes like to drive in the HOOD cam view and with such low FOV Forza 7 offers in that specific camera angle it gives me extreme motion sickness, and no sense of speed either.
-Button prompts when wheel is connected. I have no idea what button to press as all in game buttons are Keyboard prompts. I use a supported wheel ( t500rs ).
-Forza 7 AI Driveatars, or Crashatars if you will. The AI is very poor, it feels like its set on a specific path around the track and is scared to deviate to give room for other cars or players. It feels like the AI has no spatial awareness at all and just mindlessly drives around.
-PC stutters and frametime problems. I know this is being investigated, still bothersome.
There are number of minor complaints but I dont want this post to be 4 pages long so these are my top.

I do have to say, this game is absolutely fantastic looking! The graphics and weather effects and attention to detail is mind blowing, and its very well optimized on PC ( apart from stutters ) I managed to run it at 4k 60fps ultra with my semi-highend rig without problems. Great job on that end.
The list of cars and tracks is also something I want to give the game credit for, the customization and how you can build a car to whatever spec you want is great!
The game itself has extreme potential and I will monitor patches and fixes along the way, maybe I can pick it up later down the line. but for now, I can’t justify spending 99USD ( yes I want the shizzle ) on a game that does not deliver a 100%. These are just my opinions and some people might disagree, and thats fine:) If people enjoy Forza 7 when by all means go for it, game on!

i5-6600k @ 4.6ghz - 980ti 6gb @ 1502mhz / 4000mhz mem. 16gb ddr4 ram at 2800mhz.



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