I give up

Tryed to set up a pre 1975 B+A class endurance race at Le Mans Mulsanne but found no way to get rid of this stupid “Atomic Punk Bubbletop”. Whish I could delete those stupid toycars from the game, as it is now I find no reason to waist my time on it

This brings up an interesting predicament in the game. Yes the original car is a 1959 Plymouth, but the form it takes in the game was completed in 2008. Isn’t this technically a 2008 car that just happens to have parts from a 1959? I’m not saying classifying it as a 1959 is definitely wrong, but almost nothing beside the chassis and body panels is actually from 1959, so is it correct to call it a 1959 car?

The same could be said of any car that is not driven stock. If we assume the game takes place in the present day, then does a 70’s muscle car with an upgraded engine, or springs, or transmission really count as a 70’s car?

Legally it does, doesnt mean much for gameplay. Sometimes after you take the car from D Class to A, the all thats left are the fenders.