I found an amazing "Forza 7 Tuning For Dummies" guide. Where can I find one for upgrades?

^As the title says, I found an amazing tuning guide. I forget where I found it but I printed it out and if I remember where I got it I’ll link it here. It truly is detailed and easy enough for a complete noob to cars to understand.

I’m decent at racing in Forza, yet I know nothing about cars lol.

So, I’d like to learn everything I can on both tuning AND upgrades, but I need to start from the ground up.

Can someone suggest to me a guide on upgrades? (This tuning one is enough for me).

When you are building a car there are three main areas you have to pay attention to:




Usually you can pick two, in some cars in the lower classes you might only get one. More often than not weight is #1 by a long shot.

Download some tunes from the leaderboards and see how they built there car. Look at what they focused on, try and figure out why each part was put on. Just as important are the parts that DONT get put on. Usually race clutch and flywheel never get put on unless there is nothing left and you need 1 or 2 points to hit the PI cap. They cost way too many points for what you get, the same with transmission upgrades ( but not always ). The centrifugal supercharger gets used a lot because its very few points per horsepower and it delivers the most at high rpms where you will be driving at most of the time.

Experiment with building and see how Build 1 compares with Build 2. Maybe the no-aero build doesnt work for you, maybe it works really good on a couple of tracks. Like tuning, try changing only one or two things at a time. After a while you’ll begin to see what’s effective.

You have to realize that everything is a trade off, race brakes or extra tire width? What works for you?


P00hhead’s post is pretty awesome.

Weight affects everything else on the car and most tuning is concerned with handling different kinds of weight transfer. The less weight the car has, the less work the whole tuning setup has to do.

In general, but not always (around B-A class)

Weight reduction
Tire width before compound
Centrifugal>NA(Exhaust first,no cams)>Turbo>SC
Full Brakes
Race Suspension
6.2 V8
3.6 V6(with Centrifugal)
3.2 I6
2.0 I4(w/ centrifugal and race trans)

7.0 Hemi

Usually no’s, but needed in some cars:
Sport/Race trans

Thanks. Like I said I’m a total noob with this stuff but I am reading and testing every day.

That said, could you or someone else perhaps tell me what “in-game category” I would find these in?

I know nothing of car lingo.

If you’re online Saturday or Sunday in the morning I might be able to walk you through some of this a little easier than typing it out. I’m usually on around 10 or 11 Eastern for an hour or two.