I find the steering of the cars almost impossible

I am a beginner using xbox one.I also started using forza 6.I find the steering of the cars almost impossible.
I hear lots of people talk about changing the dead zones to improve the steering.I have never been in the top 3.
Can anybody tell me as a beginner how I can improve my steering using the controller.Are there any video clips
on the best way to improve my steering.Also how can I access the deadzones using my xbox and controller.Please give me clear instructions using my controller
on how to access these.When I play forza 6 I can not see an option for this.What do I need to do to access these.I see alot of videoes of drivers changing the settings.
But what I don’t see is the driver explicitly showing you how to access these when playing Forza 6.

Thank you

Deadzones will make no difference. They are not a magic fix if you’re struggling. What exactly are you finding difficult?

When you go to the game options, and click the controller or wheel settings, then you can push X and you will get to the advanced options. You’ll find the deadzones there.

Deadzones will increase the rangle of steering angles but it sounds like you have a more significant problem. I’d suggest dipping down your driving assists and difficulty level and see if things improve.

You say you’re a beginner - I’m not sure if you’re implying you’re a beginner to racing sims in general - but practice will help.

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Might be worth $90 for you, it was for me.

Make sure you are using “normal” steering in the assists tab before a race. If you’re using simulation you will surely lose control as countersteering using simulation steering inevitably leads to over correction and a spin.

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