I feel like S2 needs to be split into two classes, with 900-950 being S2 and 951-998 being a new S3

With the level of new Hypercars being added to the game, the last generation Hypercars simply can’t keep up/ need disgusting Forza aero to reach modern S2 998.
This kind of change will let the older Hypercars and track toys have a class where they can be competitive without gross Aero, and let us enjoy them how they are supposed to be, with good looking active Aero and only minor upgrades to be usable in competitive, and also giving other cars a possible class to actually be able to upgrade too when 998 isn’t a possible option.
IDK I’m just tired of having to put stupid Aero I don’t want on things like the Chiron, Veyron, Laferrari, and P1, I understand they don’t have to the actual aerodynamics to compete at top level anymore without Aero support, but I would rather have a racing class for them that doesn’t require it, than use them with gross aero when I could just use something that doesn’t need it like the FFX-K or Valhalla.
If not some solution like this, then just give me some kind of toggle to turn off visual upgrades so I can keep my car’s looking stock while still being completive :confused:


I would love to see X class just for the lols

Yes I talk about this problem on other post

in FH5 they extended PI
There is many S1 and S2 car cant max out PI without a ugly wing

When they extend PI
Hypercars got more top speed but there is no track could use over 350km/h
Track cars got more grip and accel with little bit higher top speed so they are now the best car in all track.
With some of the track car can reach 380km/h+ It is even faster in straight line than a power car. (jesko for example)

I always drive FXX-K EVO but I think the S2 feel weird.
Lots of corner can pass without braking. It dont feel like driving a car.

We’ve been telling Playground this for years, but they don’t care about balance in this game. The PI balance in FH5 is literally FH4’s but with the new tires factored in.

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There is that ‘R’ class that hasn’t been used since Horizon 1.

R-classes were really a hangover from FM and dedicated race cars (and race-car builds that work on tracks but not open-world roads), which is why they probably disappeared after FH1 (note they also had E and F back in FH1, whereas now its just D from 100 up to 500 which covers a lot of ground). Been a while since I’ve played Motorsport (and even then I’ve tended to stick close to stock/homologation builds) so I can’t remember if you could even upgrade a non-R car in to R-class (plus P was introduced at some stage as well)

And pi950 S2 wont save Koenigsegg.
They need a solution for online racing

Maybe race car conversion upgrade drop their top speed. They all got jack up pi by top speed. (and those top speed dont even usable or actually lot lower with high down force tuning)

Couldn’t agree more. The game desperately needs more PI brackets, and nowhere is that more obvious than S2. I don’t want to put slicks on my McLaren Sienna, but it’s the only way to even get it anywhere near the top in S2. Kind of sad to see that car go from cover car to complete dud in one game.


FH5 cover car Mercedes-AMG ONE is also suffer from this problem. And it dont have a tune-able aero.

Sub classes wont going to make any improvement at all. Any car above B class at least require Rear Forza aero to be somewhat competitive.

Then Playground needs to give me a toggle to turn off visual upgrades then.
I HATE Forza aero with a burning passion, can’t stand it at all, and prefer my cars looking as stock as possible.
So why do I have to put that GROSS GARBAGE on my vehicle to be competitive?!
Is it so hard to make it where you can get the upgrades and adjustable aero, without changing my cars appearance? just some kind of toggle or anything to get that Horribleness off my P1 is all that I’m asking for!

And I mean for all Visual changes for whatever vehicle as well, no gross full roll cage and let me keep stock brake designs as well!

What now? . . .

The Boneshaker should go in with the FE truck too.

Funny thing is

There is some car can tape a little black bar as aero option.
But there is some car with standard big wing cant do that.