I failed to receive the halo cars!

As the topic I’m referred , I failed to receive the recently activity car because of the network error. At first the message showed that the download failed. When i solved my net problem, the message of present was disappeared. I check my garage that I’ve got the ford one but no shelby. I’m both fan of forza and halo,so i’m eager to get the master chief one.

NOTE: There two different Mustangs (different designs, different tunes). Everyone receives the Halo 5 launch car itself, but not both like the VIP.

Oh, Snowowl. I read you comment on the topic you referred above , I know what you mean. My console actually is install the dashboard and update the beta version. Return to the stable version maybe helpful?

I’m running the same thing, including the third beta update in four days, or maybe it is the fourth update in five, I don’t remember now.

Anyway, the only thing I know for sure is on the Halo cars you do need to select (A) button the download notification, and then it will download. (I think.)

I am vip and i saw this topic this afternoon. I think i have recevie the locky one beacuse it have locky’s patten. By the way,what is halo 5 launch car like?

Note that “the Shelby” is also under the Ford cars, not under Shelby itself. Maybe that’s the problem?