I don't understand the rating system

Here is why I’m confused:

Toyota MR2 GT Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
698 7.9 5.4 9.1 9.1 5.7

Rating Speed Handling Accel Launch Braking

699 7.9 5.2 8.6 8.4 5.5
Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV Rear Engine, All Wheel Drive

How did the Lambo EARN a higher rating? It has worse handling, acceleration, launch and braking! At BEST, the car is equal on top speed…

Can somebody explain how this was decided upon?

I am sure it actually has a higher top speed. Top speed earns higher pi due to their calculation system based on the testing track that they used. Cars will set a faster lap with higher top speed on the track therefore are ranked higher. The problem with this system is this track is not available to us and does not actually take into account the tracks in the game.

I ran both cars back to back, same track, same settings. I got a better time with the Toyota…

IF the car does have a higher top speed, it’s within 10% of the other car, and the other stats are more than 10% of each…

Now what track did you use? if you went with something like Laguna Seca it’s no wonder, But try that on the Old LeMans (Without chicanes) I’m pretty sure that the Lambo will smoke the Toyota.

I’m using the Top Gear Full track.

How can it smoke my Toyota when they have the same speed rating?

Top gear is a grip track similar to laguna seca. Top speed is irrelevant and any variation between cars would be minimal. The results may also be different depending on driver skill.

If you’re going to test top speed, then use a track where top speed matters. That’s why old Lemans was suggested to test the accuracy of the speed rating. It’ll also eliminate the effects of driver skill because the road is long enough to actually see where the car tops out.

Lambo starts with a higher starting PI than Toyota. You can do more with the Toyota to make the stats look amazing.

The lambo is also likely heavier than the mr2 which will hurt the stat rating but the lambo is also a far superior machine and just drives better without a tune. The mr2 will take some work in tuning to get it driving right.

Then there is the awd penalty. Awd = higher rating. In forza there was a time where awd dominated everything. PI changes have subdued this issue.

This is a modded Toy vs a stock Lambo. The Toy is superior in every rating, except for being equal on top speed [rating, not MPH] but the Lambo is still rated as a higher car. 2 MPH won’t make much of a difference if it takes a mile to get there, as it accelerates slower…

Well duh. It’s a common complaint about forza pi ratings. The game favors top speed too much and doesn’t consider how much acceleration really matters. That’s why the 1.6L engine and other massive acceleration cars dominate most leaderboards.

The lambo being awd is also part of the issue. It really shouldn’t be rated as high as it is.

also they may both appear the same in shalb stats. The lambo may be higher rated because their are additional decimal places not visible to us but are still there behind the scenes.

Toyota MR2 GT Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
698 7.9 5.4 9.1 9.1 5.7
Rating Speed Handling Accel Launch Braking
699 7.9 5.2 8.6 8.4 5.5

So although the lambo shows a 7.9 speed rating and the mr2 shows a 7.9 howver in reality it could be lambo 7.99 and mrs 7.90 which would make them very different cars in the stats category and may explain the 699 vs 698 pi.

“mrs 7.90”…Are you calling my Toy a girly car? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha was thinking it was the mr-s not mr2. wooops.

Just did a test with few of my cars.
Mazda RX7 -85…8.1 Speed 201mph on LeMans Straight
Mazda RX7 -97…7.8 speed 203mph on LeMans Straight
Mustang -69…7.7 Speed 204mph on LeMans Straight
Cadillac CTS-V…7.6 speed 199mph on LeMans Straight

All cars are A600

So looking at the speed stat the older RX7 is clearly the best, but the fact is that it’s 2nd slowest out of these 3 while the 2nd lowest stat is actually the fastest. but then again all of the cars are so close to eachothers that they are actually pretty much even.

Just to put bit more wight on this test, let’s throw my S700 Bugatti Veyron in to the mix (RWD swap and drag tires to get it to lower PI)

Veyron… 7.7 speed 264mph on LeMans Straight

Wait a minute, it has same speed stat as the -69 Mustang, and it pulls 60mph FASTER on that straight?

What we can conclude?
The stats don’t tell everything.
Personally, I don’t care about those stats, I care about the laptimes.