I don't see my Ford Raptor

In the latest DLC for January I don’t see my Ford raptor Shelby anywhere and would like to know what happened to it. Can someone form the community look into what happened on my profile for this missing vehicle???

That happened to me with one of the storm island cars. Have you tried closing the game fully then rebooting it?

Are you looking for it in the garage? You can buy it in the autoshow for free if it is your first.

It’s listed under “S” for Shelby not ford

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That too.

It also may show at the far left under recommended rather than under S for Shelby.

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Thanks everyone! It finally showed up the next day after I did a pull-the-plug reboot. I found it strange that the others didn’t require any reboot. By the way that is one sweet truck to race on the trails!!! Thanks again folks!!