I didn't receive the Warthog after receving the code.

I redeemed a code to get the Warthog as I own the master chief collection, however I received all the cars that I should’ve got BUT the Warthog, can anyone please point me in the correct direction?

Are you on pc or xbone
If xbone check its not under waiting to install under manage game for fh3
Also it will go straight into your garage
If it’s not there try a hard reset of your console and then see if shows up

If on pc good luck

^talby + it’s not going to be in the Autoshow like normal DLC, it’s s a gift car only. Manufacturer name is under A.

Yeh forgot to mention to look under AMC hydraulic dynamics as manufacturer … did say in Garage though…not autoshow :blush:

I got the warthog all the sudden in my garage, is it a free car since the update? Never played Halo nor got a DLC code. Weird.