I challenge you to

I challenge you to join a public lobby (regardless if you do all the time or only run tandems in private lobbies) join a public lobby and find someone who is obviously less than stellar at drifting. Talk to them or message them and offer to run laps with them. Let them follow you, slam into your door, knock you off track, communicate with them, give them advice. I promise you, you will feel like a hero and they will feel like they’ve made huge progress and possibly a friend.

If you do this you will have successfully contributed to fm7 drifting culture in a positive way. Helping others is not only great for our FM community, but great for just being human and feeling good about yourself and helping others feel the same way.

I play a lot and constantly come across people in race cars in drifting lobbies slamming people off track and all I can think is why is this person so angry? Is it just frustration with one person who kept hitting them so enough is enough, now I’m going to ruin this entire lobby? It could be any number of reasons but I can’t help but think that it might be better to reach out and offer help rather than ruining the lobby.

This is a video game. It’s sole purpose of existing is to be fun. Please have fun, care less about the mistakes others make, lend a hand and communicate.

This is my opinion
Maybe it’s wrong
Maybe it could work
Make someone happy tomorrow

If you want to slide hit me up.
I don’t mind getting hit
Points are for punks :call_me_hand:t3:

Sorry my man… but if someone is in a race car smashing people, they are either doing it because they are trolls and choose not to drift or they just don’t want to drift… either way, they don’t deserve my time or effort. I’d rather help someone who is actually trying and putting effort in.

It’s called, ‘Meet me half way’

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Sorry I should have clarified,

I’m not suggesting you reach out to every troll slamming people, but, if everyone was more understanding that people make mistakes then maybe there would be less race car destruction.

I get that some people just want to make trouble and find it funny. I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that.

On the other hand I’ve done it and seen others do it as well. Sometimes these people just need someone to say “yo, we’re trying to have fun and if you want to slide with me you’re more than welcome but if not then please find another lobby.”

You’d be shocked at how many times they back off and go back to drifting.