I cant put a spoiler on my jaguar xj220 FE

Can anybody explain to me why i cant a spoiler on this car, it shows in the cars original image that it has a forza spoiler, but when i go and try to upgrade it, it doesnt have the option to put it on it, why?!

Sounds like the car is defective, you should sell it to me! J/K
Sorry I can’t help, as this is 1 of 2 cars I don’t have.

Haha well i know for a fact that the problem is not my car. I searched it in the auction house and there is not a single one with a spoiler on it. Also there are some old videos on youtube where the car does have a spoiler, maybe it got nerf?

Should be a spoiler-warning on this topic :open_mouth:

Seriously, I`ve asked myself the same. Typically a turn10-decision this, some cars are moore or less neglected