I can't list my rare cars with my wanted price

I have Ferrari 599xx Evo and 812. I want to sell but i can’t list over 248k CR

Everyone selling these cars foto 20m. Why i can’t list?

Need advices please…

Pago 20m sua 599 evo se quiser

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Make sure you dont have over 25 cars selling on the auction house. you wont be able to post more auctions until those are sold or collected. Also, id like the buy the 599 evo if you havent sold it yet.

İ’m sure no car in selling atm. Only trying 599xx evo

Since the auction house update a week or so ago it means car values have changed. For people that are Legendary Tuners/Painters they could sell cars for a lot more than normal. So for example the Austin Taxi at one point I could only sell at about 20K where as Legendary could do 20M. Now prices fluctuate depending on demand and changes every 24 hours. So more popular cars now increase value and normal sellers can sell for a lot higher, Legendary can still do 20M.

I’ve personally never seen an 599XX E for more than about 200k and the 812 at about 770K. If you look at the value of the car in the garage the 599XX E is only 250K where as the 812 is 1.4M so thats why theres a difference. As they are so rare and only a few pop up in any given day then the price is very low. If they become available to win or buy via the Forza Shop maybe a lot more will appear and prices will go up.

So I would keep hold of them for now and wait until the 599XX E is available as a prize or Forza Shop and theres a lot more in circulation as then the price will increase on the Auction House.