I CAN'T CONNECT Horizon Life Sesion

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I was playing online game 2 months ago.Then , forza released update and i made it.After that my problem has started.I can’t play online for 1 week.

Im using W10(PRO) i was using W10(HOME) before format
GPU - RTX 2070 - i installed last driver.

What have i tried ?



-Changed my dns with (
-Security wall is open
-TAP-Windows Adapter v9 deleted
-IP Helper automatic
-I checked permission


Finally ,i formatted my computer but my problem still persists.

This is my CMD

My friends CMD.He can play online

How can i show nat,nat special behaviour on my cmd or i should show ?

Guys pls help me , i want to play online.

This happened to me way too many times. Teredo enterprise client is ok, check your services and make sure IPhelper service is set to automatic and running.

Hi , thank you for answer.I checked my services and iphelper.I talked about this issue with xbox customer support last night.But we couldn’t fix. They created ticket about this.Now , i’m waiting.

Hello doid you resolve it? i have same problem.

No :frowning: