I can’t collect my car from the auction house

I recently had put one of my cars in auction and did not sell and now I can’t collect the vehicle it doesn’t give me the option to get it back any reason why I can’t? Thanks

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Please post a screenshot, or better a DVR video of the full steps inside the AH.

Can you even see the car inside your auctions, or is it completely gone.

Have you done this before ?
You need to select the car, and then select ‘reclaim car’ on the right side of the screen.


Yes I have sold other cars and yes I can see the car it just doesn’t give me the option to re-claim it it just give me options to see auction details and all it says is “see seller see painter see tuner” but no option to re claim it…I just recently sold one last night to see if it will work and it did…

And also I’m already a tier level 11 and it still shows I’m at tier level 6

Did this get resolved as I have exactly the same issue, I have an ultima I cant reclaim and it dint sell