I bought the Forza 5 Racing.Game Of The Year Edition digitally on the Xbox store

But when I installed the Top Gear Car Pack that comes with it, it still charged me credits in the game to purchase the cars from the pack I didn’t get the cars for free like I was supposed to. Has anyone else had this problem? I hope I can be reimbursed my credits I spent atleast because I shouldn’t have to purchase cars I should’ve had for free in the game.

credits are so easy to get so i doubt you will be reimbursed for them, it’s not like it’s real money or anything

try doing a hard reset with your console, see if that helps
there are few threads already about this type of issue

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really is this what we have become now? To even suggest this is some kind of issue is being very generous.


yeah I think you are supposed to get the cars for free. I only bought 2 car packs and I got the cars for free in game but my kids did not on their profile. Any chance you purchased the game on a different profile?

When Microsoft talks about free, they mean earned, in-game credits have to be used to purchase cars, as is the case for Forza Horizon 2. In regards to FM5, MS did allow for in app purchases, and I recall spending me spending money to buy the Lotus E 21 as I grew impatient at the rate my credits were accumulating. So no, there will be no refund due dude!

in all Forza games up until FM5, when you purchased DLC, you’d also have to buy the cars with in game credits. In FM5 Turn 10 changed this policy within the first months so NOW when you purchase DLC you get all the cars in that DLC pack in game for free. (no in-game credits)

So if you purchased the GOTY edition under a different profile (gamertag) then only that profile will get the cars in game for free. or at least that is how it’s supposed to work. However , I bought the LaFerrari pack and my kids somehow got all the cars for free in-game as well???