I bought FH4 for X-Box 1 and want to play it on PC, Do I really have to buy the PC version too?

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I purchased FH4 for my X-Box 1 a while ago. I thought that all of the FH4 X-Box 1 disks could also worked on a Windows 10 PC, but the one I have does not say it works with Windows 10. I would like to play FH4 on my PC because my wheel does not work with X-Box. So, do I really need to purchase another complete game so that I can run it on my PC? I have all the expansions and several car packs on X-Box. I would hate to have to start over…

I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts.

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As I understand it, the PC download version is the Play Anywhere thing, so you can then DL it to your X Box as well, however the X Box version does not allow you to then DL it to your PC.

If this is wrong, someone please correct me, because it would make a world of difference just in my liveries alone. lol

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This would have been very useful information for me to have prior to purchasing the disk version… Thanks for the fail Microsoft!

It’s not a fail by MS. You just didn’t completely read all the specifics on the version you bought before purchase. The Play Anywhere info about the different versions is clearly explained and has been around since the game’s initial launch.


No, the disc does not work on Windows. You would need to buy the digital version (Microsoft Play Anywhere, NOT the Steam version) of the base game. Your existing DLC expansions and car packs etc. will work on PC though without needing to buy them again, and also your existing save will (should) sync from the cloud on PC, so you won’t have to start over.


Perfect! Thank you for the reply. I happy to know my saved game and DLC content will be there.

An alternative solution is to buy a Drive Hub, which will make a PC wheel work on PS4 or Xbox. It’s more expensive than buying FH4 on PC, but will let you play other games on console if you want to.

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Yeah but we also gotta give a nod that Microsoft didn’t do themselves any favors by making it not as straightforward as it could have been…

It is straightforward. In the history of consoles and PCs I have not once seen a console disk that runs on a PC without the use of an emulator. It’s a completely different format. This is a case of the consumer not educating themselves before purchasing. All it takes is a little bit of research.


It is, indeed, the OP’s fault for not reading the fine print, but no other company really offers this service, and Microsoft should have been a little more clear that the DISC version does not support a Windows PC download, only the direct digital purchases would provide that because those cannot be re-sold, whereas the disc version can (leaving you with a free copy of the game on windows).

It’s not about being able to pop the disc into a PC (who has a disc drive in their PC these days that isn’t gathering dust?), its about assuming if you have an Xbox Account AND a Windows Account that there would be some way to join the two, which I’m sure has foiled a lot of FH4 purchasers who thought that buying the game used on Disc was a cool way to play the game both on Xbox AND on a PC they probably owned, too.

The Disc shows “XBOX ONE” + “XBOX ONE CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE” and the Anywhere card has XBOX/Windows 10 whats wrong with this??

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Nothing, but when you see people posting stuff like “I thought this game was buy once, play anywhere” you ask if they could have sent the message in another way. The problem is when you make multiple versions of a game with different ‘rules’ it becomes a little needlessly complex. Game on Disc. Buy DLC. Then Deluxe versions…you get “some stuff” but no DLC, then you get another version that includes the DLC…but hey only “Year One”, then the Ultimate version…which comes with a Plastic Toy…

This isn’t Horizon in the latter cases up there but my argument is that this “Disc does this, Digital does that, then navigate between a couple of different versions of both options” it turns buying a game into work. OP got caught up in that.

not disagreeing its still User Error…if it were me, which it isn’t, I’d have sent the message differently is all, made it clear that if you bought direct you got Windows/PC version included for free, make that the big selling point…and clearly state not “Console Exclusive” but “Does not support Windows 10”…that is clear, “Console Exclusive” might translate to “Hey its ONly on Xbox! Not on Playstation or Switch”.

Interpretation and so forth.