I bought barn finds and left them

and after 60 days they have been removed…i bought like 100 plus of the audi

That’s a stupid thing to do.

You bought a car from the auction house and didn’t claim it?
Hmm, yeah, I think it says somewhere that they get removed if you just leave them there for months.
The Audi Quadro is, like most barn finds, pretty cheap though.
You could also just, you know, find the car. Thats for free.

Wait, did you say you bought 100 of them? Like, really? Why would you do that?

I assume he did it to purposely remove them from the auction house, to help people get rid of them because the game doesn’t let you delete them like it should.


“I dOnt unDerSTAND HoW I could delete this car from my garage using 4 key strokes!!! It was mY fAvOriTE caR in the gAmE! i wAnT my money bACk turn Ten!!!”

I’m glad they don’t give you the option to delete them, less you want the above posted here every single day. There’s a work around and that’s good enough.

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Yes there is that…

I wish we could at least hide certain cars, but I suppose that would also result in the same complaints from people who’d forgotten they’d hidden them, or done it accidentally.

(I know we can auction them and leave them unclaimed to ‘hide’ them, but of course it then shows up a nagging notification telling you to go and reclaim them.)

I will never question anyone’s purchase of mass quantities of any vehicle in this game.

Over a period of several days I purchased massive quantities of some barn find to get my car collector status to level 100. I promptly listed them in the Auction House at minimum start level and minimum buyout. About 85% of them sold, with about 40% at the buyout price. Evidently there were quite a few players that wanted that car???

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I purchased well over 130 of the 2010 Golf R, the week it was a reward car. I never paid more than 300,000 and often got them for under 50,000. Why? Because I have every car in the game, well over $500 M in money, more forzathon points than I will ever use, and tons of skill points. Oh yeah, it is my most favorite car in the game and in the weeks leading up to that week, the price in the AH more often than not exceeded 900,000 due to scarcity. I have accomplished nearly everything in the game, achievement wise and the weekly events are getting more than boring for me at this point. Other than trying to get in the top 1% on all the danger zones (I am getting close), about the only thing I get lots of enjoyment from at this point besides just driving around, is custom painting and upgrading/tuning these Golfs, not to mention driving them. I purchased them when the availability was high and price was low.

So while this may not be an activities any of you would chose to do, it is two examples of why someone would buy massive quantities of any car.

And I’m sitting here feeling better about my Beetle collection and my 5 Limos. lol

I am so not in the big leagues…and I’m ok with that.

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Still a stupid thing to do.

But hey, your money, go ahead…

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well it seems that if you get all the barn find the audi iz a prize and or something becuz i had two of them…you get it early in the game…

not sure where it came from but that iz one reazon i bought all thoze thinking they are all doublez…

You get it from a barn find and a reward for Upgrade Heroes are whatever the story is called.

Good job, doing great public service and getting rid of useless car, that can’t simply be thrown into bin from garage.
I also left mine sit in unclaimed.

Accidental double-post

Unless that’s a joke, that is just a silly thing to say. All because you think it that & some other cars are “Useless” and think it’s a “Public service” by getting rid of them, doesn’t mean others might want one, and true, there are quite a few of that audi for cheap & is easy to get. But yes, that is your opinion & nothing wrong with that, but saying it’s something that is useless & should be rid of many as possible, is a silly thing. Not everyone cares about whatever the most popular ones are, there are other cars that people do actually like & want. As i’d mentioned elsewhere before, i enjoy using the Ford Crown Victoria & Rover SD1 far more than the Buggati Divo & Ferarri 599XX E. But that’s the thing, you think ones such as that audi are useless, whereas others don’t. Some get a bunch of whatever car just to get certain achievements, whereas others get one or two because they genuinely like it. Everyone has an opinion on them, and that is a good thing. Though getting 100 of any car in-game is rather odd, and i guess they did see but ignored, didn’t see the message at all, or forgot any unclaimed items in the auction house after 60 days are gone, so it is their fault, on them for losing those 100 of the same car that can be easily obtained, which as i & others have said was a curious amount of purchases indeed.

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Well they are useless, you get one as barn find and other as reward for upgrade heroes (one is enough for collection), none are selling from hundreds of them in auction house, so I consider that a nice move. Try selling one for lowest price, I did for a week, then left it rot, as it didn’t sell. Not to mention I don’t care for any of VAG group cars.
Also many cars that I have duplicates I simply bin, too much of them already on auction, so why ad more to abundance of them already?

Still does not make them useless. There are many people that enjoy using the oddball cars, myself included, and like to have a variety for different uses. I have 4 or 5 '32 Coupes, for example. It’s fine that you are not a fan of the Audi, but don’t knock other peoples opinions and call the car useless. I dislike most of the Hypercars, but I understand there are many people that love them and own several of them in game.


Indeed. I am one of them too. For El Barto here, they aren’t being hurt by multiple ones of them being about, with a good few of them around, whether it is that audi or one of the cars you only can get as a prize, the more of them about mean more people can get them as others do actually want to obtain them believe it or not. So the more the merrier as the saying goes. You might think they are useless El Barto, which is totally fine. But actually they aren’t useless as others like myself & Stang here think. I’m one of the ones that like to have multiple of the prize ones & some already in-game cars & DLC, one to stay stock & one to modify however i wish. Some i have a few of, depending on how many engine swaps they have, i have a decent few of the Rover SD1 Vitesse & Nissan Pulsar GTI-R for example. one that is stock, one to modify the standard engine & however many more to put the engine swaps into. I do that with various cars, and as you mentioned Stang, you have a few of those '32 Ford Coupes for how you would use them for. And El Barto saying they don’t care for any VAG group cars, nothing wrong with that either. Pretty much all super/hypercars in-game, don’t interest me much at all, any new ones that come in updates i’ll modify them however i do, give them a decent run a couple of times & then they sit in my garage, rarely used. The 599XX E, i only use it once a week when the season ticks over to do the speed zones & traps, then in the garage it goes. So yes, everyone has their own likes & dislikes, preferences & whatnot. Like you said Stang, there are those that like the super/hypercars quite a bit & have a few of them. Whereas you & me for example, we are the same but with the oddball ones as they are called. Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to the car roster here too. And yeah, we don’t go knocking what you & others like, no need to be like that El Barto, can say you don’t like these “Useless” cars which is alright as i’ve said, just try not to be like that because others like what they do.


Count me in as one who prefers to use some very particular, and probably less popular cars. The only time I use one of the super/hyper cars is when an activity that I choose to do requires one. Other than that, they sit in my garage, too. I much prefer to use cars that I either own or have owned, or could easily own if I would choose so to do. The cars I enjoy the most and indeed use the most are the 2010 Golf, 2012 Wrangler, Durango, Charger Hellcat (although I prefer the 2012 SRT from other Forza games), Plymouth Fury, Hudson, Audi TTS, Ram 2500 and Rebel, AMC Hornet, and maybe another one or two I am forgetting. A good percentage of the cars in my garage are seldom, if ever used. So I guess I could say any that other than the rest of the VWs and Audis which I occasionally use, the rest of the cars are worthless to me, but I won’t ; )

Glad everybody can have an opinion :slight_smile:

Aw yes and people will be left without option to acquire it, now that’s 100 or so less of them :slight_smile:

probably just around 50 per hour that don’t sell for lowest price.

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They’ll eventually drop out of the list. Some barn finds may take a lot more than the 60 days before disappearing though based on my experience.

Edit: no problem using whatever cars you enjoy, some are just overpopulated in the game and therefore don’t sell well.