I am very proud of the Forza Motorsport/Horizon team as well as Turn 10 Studios

A lot of people in the gaming community have been apathetic to what has been going on with the police brutality issues that activated the Black Lives Matter movement…I have heard and seen some very ignorant and narrow minded statements mainly by players online and in the comments sections of sites like Youtube …but as a African American gamer who has been rocking with Microsoft , X Box, and the forza racing franchise for nearly a decade now…it almost brings tears to my eyes …the way you have expressed concern and understanding to the People of Color who are also a part of the gaming community that rarely gets mentioned…Peace and Blessings!


Say no more. lol I typically make it a habit not to read the comments on Youtube and the like, seems the vocal minority always makes the most noise.

While I may not be the best ambassador for BLM, it is a struggle that I could never fully fathom, I am glad you feel welcome and appreciated as a fellow player.

There are some cool liveries involving the Black Lives Matters movement, fortunately from people that have better skills than I. And while I do not typically get into politics on a non-political platform, I am happy to mark each of my cars with some symbol of the BLM movement.

Peace and Blessings to you. Be well,. be safe.