I Am Twis' Gallery | 10/16/15

Hey all, this is my first time doing any of this, and I’m completely rushing this as I don’t have time. Will spice up the thread soon.

These are all unedited, straight from game:

Please, constructive criticism is encouraged!

I really like the Mono shots but that photo of the Jag is amazing!!

This one is awesome!

Really solid start to the gallery for being your first time, keep up the good work!

I really like the Viper shots!

Awesome start to the gallery!

For your first time these shots are quite spectacular, really like the Jag shot and the last racing Viper shot :slight_smile:

@ I Am Twis: Didn’t you use to go by a different name. Because your name looks very familiar.

Not anything related to “Twis”. My previous name was AGigantorLlama but I changed it because people couldn’t pronounce “gigantor”. Lol

Here’s a preview to my next set.

Also, I wanna thank you guys for the reviews, and again I’d love to get some advice from you all since you’re a lot more experienced. I don’t know what it is, but to me my pictures don’t quite feel realistic enough. I think it has something to do with the exposure setting, but I’m not quite sure.

Some shots of my new F12:

Before I customized it

After I customized it

…And a random picture

Mini Set

Could use some aperture but I really like it.

This is really nice!

One way I would improve the last few updates is by increasing the aperture a little bit.

Jep i agree with Pebb. But other than that you’ve got some nicely composed and well lit shots here. Keep it up!

I wonder what will be featured in the next update.