I am so disappointed yet impressed with Horizon 5

One day of grinding and 96 wheelspins. 50 wheelspins later I finally get the Toyota AE86 ( favorite car ever ). I then take a screenshot on Xbox and my game crashes and says it needs an update. After the update, I see that the wheelspins have been registered, so I didn’t lose or gain any wheelspins. All the money I earned has been banked so all good but all the cars I earnt are just…GONE. INCLUDING THE AE86. As much as I love the game, I cant tell you how pissed I am because I love Forza and I love their games. FH5 is amazing but this bug just annoyed me coz I also love the car so much, And now, unless Forza support comes to the rescue, My ae86 is just gone. I do have a picture of it. To be honest, I just hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else and I get my AE86 back because this is just…annoying.Picture of my AE86 before the game crashed

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Cars are the reason why AFK “racing” existed.

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What do you mean and how does this have relevance to what I said?

And this is the only “bug” that annoyes you? lol… i dont have words. The game is a complete mess, and i find really hard to believe that people actually love it so much. I dont play it anymore lol. I went back to FH4 until the devs decide to start fixing , i dont know, SOMETHING. And of course this is the last ppgs/microsoft title i buy. Thats for sure. This FH5 was a gift, so lucky me i didnt have to spent such amount of money in such terrible product.


Sorry dude😶

I had something similar where the server was lost and about 8/10 accolades had unlocked were lost and needed to be done again, the game did remember that I had won them as when I redid them the Radio DJs didn’t congratulate me a second time.

At least you kept the credits!