I am not getting my credits for my design downloads

I get the messages that I have X amount of downloads and X amount of credits for them but when I accept them the credits are not adding to my totals. Message then deletes as it should after it pays you but it is not paying me! Is this is known problem? I just had a message for 2 mil in credits and got nothing. Will this track that I’m owed this when it’s fixed if it is a known problem or am I just out of luck with these lost credits?

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Are you sure it was 2 Million? If it was 20,000 you might not have noticed it go on.

Yeah! I been watching my total not move.

I have the same issue, ive noticed for the last 2 days I have not gotten the payouts that the messages tell me, right now I have been shorted roughly 7-9 million.

I’m thinking I shouldn’t claim anymore till I know it’s working but I’m not sure how am I going to know when that is? Do the messages expire if not claimed in a timely fashion? I am definitely getting 0 from messages right now which sucks. My one design had 2,000 downloads just today and I’m not getting squat for it.

yeah i wont be collecting for now. hopefully its fixed sooner rather than later.

i got a couple different messages stating …

0 downloads/uses/like and got plenty of credits and some kudos

and then

10+ downloads/uses/like and got 0 credits and 0 kudos

this game has some issues!

Having the same issue. Yesterday I earned around 500k from downloads, likes & uses. I accepted & didn’t take much further notice, but a little later on I thought my total didn’t seem right. I initially dismissed it thinking I wasn’t paying attention properly. But today I log in to find that I’d earned another 750k, so I deliberately kept an eye on my total as I accepted the payout…nothing! Didn’t get a single credit from it, although I did get 36 kudos which was nice…:confused:

Hopefully they fix this soon.

I opened a support ticket yesterday, but the staff mixed up creative hub and forza hub. The answer was, that forza hub is discontinued…lol?!
So I replied again and still waiting for a response.

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I tried again. One time I did get paid and next one I did not. So it is broken and works at times. :man_shrugging:t2:

Same issue. It said i earned 5 million in credits today from design downloads/likes and usage but AGAIN i got nothing. Its done this the last 3 days. Forza owes me A LOT of credits now!

I had 55,000 downloads it was worth 22 million. Wasn’t very happy about losing that one hopefully they get it fixed soon.

Oh damn that’s BS that we are not getting paid! First update for this game will be interesting. Lots of things to fix.

Oh wow!

Facepalm moment … I’ve been scrolling through my payout messages assuming that I was getting paid all along but never checking my balance.
The only thing I noticed was that I was awarded zero Kudos (whatever they are).

Now I see in this thread a mention of “claiming/accepting” - which is something that I NEVER realised (including all the way through FH4).
So I thought I’d try to claim my first payout message which was only 100 credits as a test, so as to keep all the bigger payouts if it failed…

BAM! All the messages disappeared, my balance went up quite substantially and my Kudos went from 4 to 147. So yeah, it worked for me when I accepted the bottom (lowest/first) message.

The other thing you can take from this is that unclaimed payout messages do remain. I’ve a load still in FH4 that I should take a look at now.
Thanks for inadvertantly pointing out my stupidity!

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Man, I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any designs Kudos! Thanks for spelling it out for me haha

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Got a reply to my ticket, looks like these issues have now been added to the known issues since I last checked.

UI - Daily Payouts (design and paints) sometimes do not add to the player’s total and the player does not receive an error message.
UI - Daily Payouts are capped at 50k credits for some players.
UI - Daily Payouts showing 0 credits for some players.
UI - Online friends are occasionally not shown in the Online Players List

Doubt we are going to get the money back so I wonder if there is any workaround. Nugsy said clicking the last message in the list worked, but it also seems like he may have never been having this issue to begin with so I wonder if the order of the messages matters? Maybe it’s just random and I’m clutching at straws.

Same here, video below. probably 5 days in a row now. Problem is now I don’t want to claim them in case they disappear but I also won’t know when the problem is fixed. Think I’ve lost around 50 million credits from this so far.

Maybe related, I also noticed today that the credit totals aren’t adding up correctly. You can pretty easily eyeball the below payout and notice that something isn’t right.

Mine is also doing this. I’ve missed $1.5 million at this point.

Same bug since last saturday, I lost 20 Million, I thought maybe it is just a bug on Xbox Series X and tried it yesterday on pc, what should I say, Credits just disappeared in nowhere.

I think they have a lot to do, so I´m not so dissappointed, that I didn´t get any reaction on my ticket yet.

I know that maths isn’t everybody’s strong point but I was under the impression that computers don’t make mistakes in this department.

How could these calculations slip through?


This happens every time the downloads number exceeds double figures.

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