I am looking for someone who can sell Porsche PO and Ferrari 812 for 20 million credits.

The idea is to minimize the chance the car gets sniped while still paying for it.

Now you’ll probably ask, why would someone who can sell this high even bother with this, he can just put the car for auction and it will sell. I don’t know, I am just hoping someone is reading and is willing.

I had a few cars sniped already, I can’t afford more and it’s too risky. So the idea is sale as usual, but the car is put on the AH for 20mil. If I don’t get it, you still get your money. You’re basically doing me a favor, so I count on your good will alone.

There are 5 more cars I am interested in, but there’s a slim chance already that I even get these two, so let’s start with them.

If you can and are willing to trade with me, or know somebody who can, let me know. You can either reply to this thread or PM me, cause this is not my in game tag.

p.s a seller’s marketplace forum where sales are not guaranteed, if someone can tell me what the logic of the game developers is behind this, please let me know cause I can’t think for a single good reason.

If you re still interested in the 812 i have one for you

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You cant just put the cars up for 20 mil… you need to be legendary painter or tuner. Thats why we have to sniper other cars for cheap and resell them high plus selling the rare car

Thanks a lot for your replies.

I know most people can’t, that’s why I am looking for someone who can. I even sent a feedback email to adress this issue.

After so many months of doing all the content availiable, I have so many credits. I lost ~40% of my credits and no cars to show for it. However, I can’t just risk it all, so this forum post is my last chance to get the cars I really want.