I am level 28 and haven't unlocked social/online yet

As the title says I haven’t unlocked it yet. I didn’t rebuy live till lvl 25 and I don’t know if i have to do a certain race or something I need help.

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Not sure if i have remembered it right but i thin k i unlocked when i opened my second festival site.

I’m having the same trouble and I have unlocked my 2nd festival site

thats weird ive unlocked 3 and they level 3

same thing is happening to me

Have you tried hard resetting your console properly

That worked cheers mate

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No not resetting console I have closed and re opened the game i will try that later. . Thanks

yeah I unlocked it after upgrading my 2nd festival, although I never plan on using it. heh

I’m having this same problem. I just hard reset my console and it’s still an issue, somewhere in the level 25 range, no social and no rivals.

The 2nd festival has to be upgraded to level 3 I believe

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Definitely not the case. I just upgraded my second festival to level 2. Online opened for me when I started the second festival site.

Online opens with the second site. Clubs open with the second upgrade to the third site.

See the appropriate Support forum for Warthog issues.

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I have 3 sites open right now, byron bay (first one obviously) Surfer’s Paradise and Outback, the latter two are upgraded to level 3 and I still do not have social or rivals…

Up to level 37 now btw

Have you hard reset our console at all or even exited the game properly
So far has solved most of these types of issues

Yes I have already hard reset the console as I mentioned above. I quit the game earlier so we will see when I start it back up later…

Try pulling the power plug to the console from the wall for 5 minutes as well…can’t hurt

Byron Bay Level 3, Surfer’s Paradise Level 2, Outback Level 1 and Social, Rival are still not unlocked. So I can’t redeem Warthog and weekly rewards.

How did you get Byron Bay to level 3? Weird, I only have level 2 at that site but level 3 at all overs… interesting.