I ain't even mad

Amazingly craptastic 2 days. Been at the hospital with my grandma for the past 36hrs. Mom and Dad show up to relieve me for the nightshift and I get to Gamestop at 9:58 to nab my preorder just in time. Rush home, hoping to escape reality for a few hours before becoming one with my pillow, insert disc…1gb update. My connection is ATT DSL so you can imagine how FANTASTIC that connection is.

Wife is having a Netflix marathon and hogging all the bandwidth.

After my crappy week what else could I expect!?!

Hello Vodka, I ain’t even mad.

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I swear this game is just bad luck, I went to download my copy, and then my internet drops down to 10 kbps. Ring Telstra, they have no idea what’s wrong. It takes 5 minutes to load the front page of reddit right now.

All I want to do is play for a few minutes :’(