I actually like the direction of Forza 7

so many negative threads on here, figured I start one about what turn 10 is actually doing well.

I hated the fact that in FM6, somone could take a datsun or a vw bug and race it in S class. Homologation is like real life racing… It forces you to be a better driver with similarly prepared cars in a like class. It creates tighter racing…much like what Nascar, F1, or any other racing organization does in real life. I’m looking forward to more classes for a wider variety of cars.

Love the cameras. I like that you get a little more camera hop in corners when you are losing a little grip and the car is hopping. Rough tracks like the ring are really beginning to show how many humps and bumps are in the surface.

I like that the slickness of the rain soaked tracks seemed to be toned down. It’s no longer like ice racing… fm6 had a career series where you had to race like 6 races straight in the rain. I about never finished the career on that issue alone.

Grip with stock tires seems to be better. Racing a stock m5 no longer feels like I’m running on roller skates. They stock tires actually have some grip now.

My only gripes so far:
I do wish they would bring back the car clubs of FM4. I’ve been playing since fm2 and the club aspect got me hooked on the game.

As an avid painter and tuner, i do hope the new storefront will be more like the old store in fm4. I used to spend the bulk of my time painting and tuning for my car club. really hoping this comes back.

I would love the ability to turn off the annoying track sounds between the races. That annoying dude on the intercom needs to shut up.


Apparently people don`t know what to do with a positive thread :wink:

I agree, there are tons of improvements over Forza 5+6, which imo where the low points of the series.
Physics, cameras, career, visceral feeling instead of the sterility of 5+6, track and car quantity, track diversity due to the cloud/mood changes, homologation makes sense from a racing point of view, most cars feel “right” out of the box (tuning optional), different levels of rain/puddles, etc… Personally I also like that there is a proper progression with collecting cars.

Is stuff missing, are there big issues? Absolutely. But imo the forums being almost exclusively focused on negative stuff is quite unfair.
Despite all the annoyances I don`t know a better racing package.


I actually really like FM7… What Im really upset about is the complete lack of communication from T10. It would be nice to know what they are working on and when we can expect patches… But instead we are left to feel like we were duped into buying a $100 beta test.


I am fine with Forza 7 in fact I also feel as if it is a step up from 5 and 6.

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I’m hooked, I love it. I haven’t experienced the multiplayer drop outs that have been talked about though

I am one of those guys that love to properly prep a car to compete in higher classes. There really is more to it than just shoving more horsepower into the car.

In real life, if I want to take my Golf R to stage 3 (ie, more horsepower) I better upgrade the brakes, suspension and tires or I will have a car that will not safe to drive on the highway due to inadequate brakes, suspension and tires. This is just as true in FMS.

I think that the homolization of the cars truly limits what we can do in this game in the name of ‘evening out the experience’ for all drivers.

I totally agree with you about shutting up the announcer. Doubt this will ever happen as it has been a ‘hallmark’ of the FMS and Horizon series for awhile now. I spend an inordinate amount of time muting and then unmuting my sound just to keep from hearing this distracting drivel.

Overall, though, I am enjoying this game.

I don’t, everything has been a step back from FM4 which is better in both physics, menus, and online options.

This is 3 games later, it should improve on more than just graphics.

I have a very very long list of dislikes one of them being how many times my brakes have completely failed even if I brake early in a lot of cars. it has 5.5 braking, it’s not great at all so I brake early and the brakes fail anyway. Making this worse is I noticed that it’s actually very very hard to stop in general with those cars because the revs get stuck or something. I don’t know if this is a bug or not but it makes some cars unplayable.


I learn not to look at those statistics, and focus on braking technique. Manual with clutch, downshifting early helps a lot.

I have encountered the same issues as above, I run with no assists and manual with clutch. Every once in a while under hard braking and downshifting the car seems stall. Full gas nothing then all of a sudden it wakes up and takes off. It happens at least 1 to 3 times per race with certain cars, some cars it never happens and others seem to be more prone to this. I am wondering if the car is actually stalling then bump starting from the fact it is rolling at whatever speed you are doing then it starts up again and goes…weird any way you look at it.

Usually this is because some cars just aren’t made to be run with Manual and Clutch. The Audi R18 is a good example. That will stall sometimes during breaking and off the line.

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With every new release of Forza there is a group of people loudly complaining that development should have gone more to the left and now the game is ruined, which is matched by an equally vocal group that the game is ruined because they didn’t go right. (not all cars are immediately available vs to many cars can be obtained immediately). You can’t please everyone. It would have helped if all options had been immediately available though.
For what it’s worth, I like it.
Funny thing, I find it harder to race in the rain in this game. In FM6 the puddles could easily make you go of track, but once I found out where they were, it was no problem at all. The drivatars never figured this out, and with the addition of the tirewalls, some tracks became to easy to win (Vale on Silverstone!)

Just wondering, are you using ABS? I found that using ABS really lengthens your braking distance. If you’d brake just right, ABS wouldn’t kick in and braking would be just fine, but because of the ABS you never know where that point actually is. Not using ABS and releasing when locking up, is usually a lot better and you learn to cope with this quickly.
Same with TCS. I depends on the car, with some I still use it, but cars that don’t really need it (Chevy Cruz for me) are really slowed down by it. For me the difference between somewhere in the middle and actually winning the race.

I’ve been adjusting everything to no avail, I race with ABS on because with it off I tend to lock easily and people behind you don’t care that you are slowing down at all even when you brake late

On cars with 5.8 brakes or better the issue is almost non-existent, for cars with less they don’t stop at all

Put race brakes on the car and put pressures to 200. Might help.

Braking with some cars even with ABS off is a challenge. I’m assuming this is one of the fixes they made so that cars perform similar to real life counterparts.

With ABS off, the controller will let you know via rumbles when you’re close to lock ups. Helps a lot. It’ll take practice but you’ll get it.

People may be rearending you because of ABS usage at times. For others, that’s an off topic discussion better for a separate thread.

Are you playing with ABS on? the ABS is terrible in forza 7, if you turn it off and practice threshold braking you will enjoy the game much more. The trigger vibrates to tell you when you are locking them up. Plus playing without ABS will make you a better racer in the long run, so you will be better at the game, a good perk :slight_smile:

I play with all assists off because I like to be in control of my car, just like in real life.

Sounds like a badly timed downshift. Try downshifting a little later in your braking phase when engine revs are lower.

Yes, buying a $100,- product that isn’t finished, had a greedy gambling like microtransaction economy. Has little to no major improvements over it’s predecessors. No changes to counteract the rediculous behaviour of some players on multiplayer. Limited lobbies etc. Etc. Gee oh gee why would fans be dissapointed with the franchise. We ALL want it to be better than it currently is but being positive for the sake of being positive is just dumb.

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I don’t think anyone is questioning the gameplay but the package surrounding it is so shallow. If you like it then good for you, but for some of us, it isn’t enough.

Homologation is a quick attempt of making it look and feel like competitive Motorsport. In my view it is ineffective, this isn’t enough of a racing sim to warrant that kind of restriction. If it was I would have an easier time with it. This is a long running series and to just flip the script like they have now, 7 main games in, is baffling to me.


Hey a positive post hurray!

I’ve been driving the crap out of this game…mostly to acquire the cars I actually want ( though having to acquire them again is feeling like a grind) so i can pit them against each other. The homolagation does exactly what I’ve been doing or trying to do in fm6 long after career got old. I do wish I could setup my own division where the AI would use my upgraded cars but that only existed in fm1. I want to see all the cool body kits, wing configurations and my designs on display in replays (which need some work in my opinion, I’m in cockpit view all day, I don’t need my replays to show in car views. )
Loving the variety of wet weather options but some a very dark especially VIR and SPA. It looks like my headlights are actually on in replay but it’s way to dark for me. Granted my tv is on is last legs so I’m hoping the new one corrects that.

I haven’t played multi since fm4… found an awesome group of clean racers and had a ball… the AI still has issues but getting to know it is like getting to know anyone you race with. There is a time and place to pass on each track and sometimes the really don’t want to give up the spot and other times the actually leave me room as long as I don’t drift up into them.

Overall I’m loving it but sounds need work and some niceties have gone missing. …RB to scroll through rims! ( personally I would like to see a tag system to display only my favorite rims that would be awesome)

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Yeah I agree with most of your points and I’m enjoying online racing a lot, matches seem tighter overall and the game does feel more stylish overall than the previous Forza titles and I think that is very welcome. The icing on the cake is coming on Nov 7, can’t wait to see how much better it will look and I already think it looks great as is on my X1S.

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In hævning a blæst. Greta game