I accidentally deleted my Ravenous Veneno design! Please help!

Awhile ago, I accidentally deleted the design on the gift car from TURN10 Games for the Lamborghini Veneno. Is there any way I can get the design back, and if not, can someone make a clone of it?

There’s no way of getting the design back. As for replicating, sure someone could possibly do that but that would ruin the ‘special’ value of the design.

I’m not quite sure that’s what is stopping people from making it though…

In the past, many gift designs were remade by other painters. I think there are you a few people who paint in FH2 such as yourself Skreamies, but they tend to stick to race paints or their little area of enjoyment. Many of those who painted great designs in FM3 and FM4 I have not seen come over to FH2 - I cannot speak for FM5 since I rarely play it.

Worry no more, I have made a replica of this vehicle today which can be found by searching description ‘vip’ when searching for Veneno designs.

Please, No thanks needed, I know what’s it’s like to lose irreplaceable things.

Apparently the Turn 10 Community gifted me a brand new Veneno with the same design on it, they must have read this post. Thank you so much, Turn10! You guys are awesome!!!

Brilliant news! Glad you got a new copy.

This must be a first, haven’t heard of this before haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently had the same problem. I accidentally deleted the design on the gift car from TURN10 Games for the Ford RS200 Evolution of 1985. A beautiful design with lions. There may be hope yet, after reading your positive outcome!

I had a “Forza Server Error” in April and lost my Monthly Rewards and the Supra Sparrow. I posted twice on the forums and sent a PM and e-mail to T10. I am hopeful they find the issue and send the Supra Sparrow to me. :slight_smile:

I just did the same thing in forza 6 with the
Holiday van. I felt so stupid I put new rims on it then went to paint them forgetting that I could not. The alert message popped up I didn’t read it and just tapped the A button and gone. I got mad at myself and took the game out and put in forza horizon 2.