I 1ee I Tuned ( A class R34 added + Escort cosworth Rebuild)

Hi all , Here’s a list of the cars that I’ve built that I consider to be worth your time to try out , Along with the tracks I’ve ran them on , laptimes and the leaderboard position.

Search my gt to find these tunes. … That’s i 1ee i … First and last are capital i’s and the L is a number one .


Kia Cee’d
: Laguna Seca - 1.41.331
: Silverstone GP - 2.29.315


Toyota Celica '03
: Silverstone GP - 2.19.448
:Top Gear Full - 1.16.695 ( Shafter 316)

Acura Intergra
: Catalunya GP - 2.00.826

Ford RS500
: Alps Stadtplatz R - 1.37.435

Nissan 240sx
: Indy GP - 1.35.190

Toyota GT86
: Spa - 2.39.091

Honda Prelude Si
:Bathurst - 2.23’s : Spa -2.40’s

Fiat Punto Abarth
: Road Atl Club - 1.02.7xx , :Laguna - 1.37’s , :Bugatti - 1.53’s ( all in lobbies )

1966 Chevy Nova SS ( GRIP)
:Bathurst - 2.22.877 : Laguna - Low 1.37’s : Cat Nat - 1.21.1 ( all in lobbies )

1966 Chevy Nova SS ( SPEED )
:Road America - 2.24.901


Skyline R32 GTR
: Catalunya GP - 1.57.068

Mazda RX-7 FD
: Silverstone GP - 2.15.122

Nissan Skyline R34
Spa - 2.21.701
Silverstone gp- 2.05.6xx

Ford Escort RS Cosworth UPDATED 7/19/14
Silverstone Int - 1.04.898

  • Will get you wins pretty much anywhere *

1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
Spa - 2.24.910


Coming soon …

As always , If you do get round to trying any of my tunes , I’d really like to hear what you think of them . Whether you love them ,totally hate what I’ve done , or have any suggestions to improve them , I’d love to hear about it .

Thanks for looking .


I just gave your Laguna Seca Cee’d a go. The best I could manage was 01:44.976, so that should give you an idea of my driving level. I then took it to Top Gear (I felt I had to!) to see how it goes round there and bagged myself the #121 spot with time of 01:23.570.

It feels really nice to drive, the only thing lacking in my case is my own ability to keep momentum up.

Thanks Dave , you hit the nail on the head there bud , the Kia is all about momentum . You can take corners at speeds you wouldn’t imagine possible and it just keeps holding on !

Nice Top Gear time too :slight_smile: Thats good going considering how D class is infested with minis . I can’t believe I never thought to take it there tho lol what was I thinking?

Updated with cars from** this thread**

Updated with 4 new C class cars .

Nissan 240sx
Toyota GT86
Honda Prelude
Fiat Punto Abarth

Enjoy .

Picked up all your C-Class tunes mate, at least I will have something to use when I am in a lobby with Totlxtc, Shafter and yourself now

Nice one Liam , they should see you ok in the lobbies mate .

Added a Chevy Nova SS .

I’ve been having too muich fun with this in one lobbies .Great allrounder . Suprised a few when I’m overtaking them in there honda’s around Laguna Seca :slight_smile:


Skyline R32 GTR
Mazda RX-7 FD

got both of these from you. Did a little bit of hot lapping in the R32 and Lobby racing with the RX7.

The R32 scoots, even though it seems a little under powered , it certainly moves through the corners. I ran it around Cat Nat, a track i have notoriously had issues with, and hit #135. This was the first AWD tune I have used in FM5. So 135 not too shabby, i hope to improve.

The Rx-7 is more my type of car! I had a blast smashing it through the lobbies. I need to go hot lap it!

Great tunes again Lee! I haven’t run across a tune of yours i haven’t liked!


Nice one Krawler , glad you’re enjoying them mate .

I’ve been racing alot C class just recently but its getting a bit samey now , so I might go up to B for my lobby racing . If so expect to see a few more B class cars pop up here .

Thanks for taking the time to post feedback , it really is appreciated .

Need to grab that RX-7

Speed tune C class Chevy Nova SS added.

Can not find your tunnes. What gamertag have to type?

I 1ee I


| 1ee |


l 1ee l


I have a hard time finding your tunes sometimes as well. Could you put in the description just lee. I want to give some of these guys a run tonight or tomorrow

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I know my GT is a little awkward sorry guys !

Its i 1ee i … thats… capital i - space- number 1-e-e-space -capital i

Hope that clears it up , and yes from now on I’ll put Lee in the descriptions too .

Hope you guys enjoy the tunes !

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Hi Lee, think I saw you briefly in a lobby yesterday. Big fan of the Integra, It’s the only tune of yours I have but that’ll change now I’ve stumbled across this thread :smiley: Great work!

You did mate yes . It was a decent lobby of people and normally when I find a lobby like that I try to hold onto it , because it seems to be a hard find . But I’d had a few beers … and quickly realised I was rubbish , and a danger to others …lol

Hope to see you in lobbies more mate and I hope you enjoy some of my other cars too :slight_smile:

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Thnaks i 1ee i !!!

My personal record now is 1:34,004 in Road Atlanta FULL with your MAZDA.

Now I will test at Silverstone GP.

Will be checking out your tunes :slight_smile:

Lee, your tunes are off the chain my man. In C Class the Celica and Integra of course are very easy and fun to drive. I really absolutely love FWD cars. I just like the simplicity of driving these things. Just point and shoot.

The GT86 is also a lot of fun to drive. I love running it around Spa and like tracks. It does get a little squirrely coming out of turns, but it’s perfect.

Let’s not forget the 66’ Nova. Both of the tunes are a blast to drive. And you really don’t need a reason to drive this car…it’s bada$$.

The grip on the B Class RX-7 is absolutely absurd. The gas pedal is on the right, don’t take your foot off of it.

Keep up the good work and please let us know what else you’re sharing.