Hypercar Spoilers

Not sure if they ever intend to patch these blatant glitches but three cars I have found problems with. The Bugatti Veyron 16:4 SS rear wing/air brake keeps a default carbon fiber texture when the body color is changed, making two tone paints impossible to match for, seems to me its a texture binding glitch and the spoiler part isnt syncing with the rest of the car (simple fix). Next is the McLaren P1 which appears to be locked in “Race” mode, with the rear wing permanently elevated, this takes away from the look and functionality of the car, it doesn’t even retract at speeds of over 210MPH which would most certainly cause a ridiculous amount of drag, making it impossible for the car to reach higher speeds in real world conditions, as far as I can tell, they just didn’t implement the right circumstances for its retraction because in the garage switching through menus, the cars wing retracts and extends at various points in the background of the menus (also a simple fix). Last is the Ferrari LaFerrari which as far as I can tell has an extra rear defuser model that is a bit offset and sticks out of the actual defuser model which distorts paint jobs (this is yet another easy patch).

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Simple fix which they will not fix. Every car issue in FH2 was also in FM5 a year ago. There are threads from last November stating car glitches/errors and they were ignored. Turn 10 wants to claim Forza as the leader in car games, maybe they should start with getting their cars right, or at least fix the mistake when they get it wrong. The cars are the ONLY purpose of Forza, it’s a disgrace that they can release DLC that cost money to get new cars, but won’t release DLC to update their screw ups with cars. Bottom-line as long as they keep getting their money, they don’t care. For example I played Driveclub yesterday for around 2 hours (not disclosing how) and the car detail makes FM5/FH2 look like FM3. Of course the gameplay of Forza is so much better, but anyone who thinks the car detail in Forza is incredible is lying to themselves. Turn 10 could make a product much better if they really wanted to, they just believe in the ‘more is better’ theory, rather than ‘quality over quantity’. The car detail, environments, and sounds in Driveclub are light years ahead of FM5/FH2. The physics feel just like FH2, which is fine. Driveclub is just very boring and that is where the Forza series outshines it. Turn 10 needs to step it up, they could do so much better if they put the extra effort into detail.

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This. Doubt they’ll patch these kind of inconsistencies but one can only hope.