Hybrid racing in event mode difficult


I’m on to complete every race in the event section of the game and found out that the hybrid race event is extremly difficult. I’m playing on the hardest difficulty without any assists and won every non hybrid race by a huge margin most of the time, but in the F200 hybrid section I found it almost impossible. I’m not that of a bad driver either (4k/50h miles raced, 34h practiced).

When I check the replays, the #1 car is in the 1st gear all the time and still manages to accelerate to 120 mph, almost never loses torque or hp. On the other side I have to shift and lose hp according to my revs.

Am I doing something wrong or missing a substancial part?

Try it with the Tesla.

Thank you for your response, but I don’t have any DLC’s (and don’t see a point spending 3 times the purchase price of the game for them for its age).

Also the Tesla is not in the F200 class and I don’t want to cheat.

My apologies - didn’t read your post entirely - didn’t see the F class 200 - you are correct - Tesla is too hot. Been so long since I finished my Bucket List. Need to head back in there :wink:

I too recall struggling mightily at this event. The car I wound up winning with was DLC. The 2011 Honda CR-Z EX was the weapon I went with. This car was part of the Launch Bonus Car Pack. I’m going to see if I can win it in a non-DLC car now. I’ll let you know if I have Sun success.

Okay…if you’re referring to the Hybrid Hustle event on the Event List, keep in mind that the only restriction that applies to your car is that it is from the Hybrid Model Family. The F 200 Performance Index limitation applies to all of your A.I. opponents, not you. I fully understand that if you were to play all fair, you’d keep your car at or below the P.I. limitation as well. If you just want to get the gold medals for this event and move on, buy any of the qualifying Hybrids available to you, upgrade fully, and crush the competition.

The reason the AI stays in one gear is that when you use automatic transmission in the game on hybrids, it employs the variable transmission that the car uses. It allows the car to stay in the power band without shifting, so in Forza, using a manual gearbox is actually hurting you in a hybrid. I turn all my assists off except TCS on some occasions, but I have to switch to automatic if there’s ever a strangely small chance that I’ll be driving a hybrid. That being said, that shouldn’t affect your pace nearly enough to make or break your race.