HWYRenegade's Custom Routes

I’m excited to present my H4 custom routes for all to enjoy. This template I made took an few hours and Ill know I use it lots more. All races are tested to make sure the AI does well… not always, but most the time. I know this corner of the internet doesn’t get much traffic but you are in luck for some fun.

You’re going to find these under my creative hub… my user name.

How to Find: If you cant find me in game normally, you can go to your Creative Hub > Photo Gallery > then search for me by user name HWYRenegade

Tips: Once you learn the route you probably want to turn off the driving line, some are not speed accurate.

Im not really going to give a description for each one Im just gonna let you play it. Its easy to see what it is by the picture.

One important thing to note is there seems to be a limit of 15 blueprints that are displayed on my hub. This means if I were to make a new route it would replace an existing one and you wont be able to find it! Ill try not to make any new routes for awhile… Hopefully PG will work on how to find blueprints and how they are displayed.


SiriusXM_City_Circuit by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Pirelli_City_Tour_Circuit by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Lake_District_Grand_Circuit by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Pirelli_Challenge_Rally_(22.2mi) by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

PIAA_Mountain_Rally_Sprint by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Mobil1_Edinburgh_Circuit by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Horizon_XS_Rallycross by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Horizon_XS_Lower_Lakes_Circuit by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Monster_Energy_Xtreme_Offroad by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

SiriusXM_High_Speed_Rallycross by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Michelin_Mountain_Run by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr



Well presented Renegade, will be sure to have a look at some of those!

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Sweet! Just followed you over from Reddit so I could try these tracks. Now, we see if I can find them…

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The last 2 are recent additions. The Grand Tour is awesome. Highly recommend a cruise in a well handling S1 class.

Just want to let you know that these are easily the best custom routes I’ve played. Really enjoying them all. Shame the game only displays 15 as I missed a couple that you created first.

The Grand Tour is easily the best long custom route I’ve seen, and thanks for making it match the current season as I only play blueprints that match the season. I’ll be playing yours over and over any anything new you create.

Totally agree; The Grand Tour is the best map I’ve driven so far in H4. Excellent work!

I’ll be watching for your work.

Many thanks!

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Just tried your Mobil1 Great Britain Sprint - nice route!

Finally ! someone that have good taste and know how to show it !

Faved and followed good sir, I hope you’ll give us more food in the future :smiley:

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Hey Ive been busy with liveries so havent had a chance to make more routes… and Im still waiting on PG to give us the option to delete blueprints so you can actually see them… otherwise whats the point? for now I added one to the bottom which is my contest entry and by far the best offroad route I’ve made. The AI drives almost perfect. Its locked to S1 because theres a jump I didnt get enough speed for.

Give me your best lap time.

To delete blueprints, create a dumb route. Create new blueprints using the new dumb route overwriting the ones you want to delete. Delete custom dumb route, voila! no unwanted blueprints.

I’m also creating a series of circuits, will present them when ready.

Have you been able to delete one that shows on your hub? When I delete a route that is assosicialed with a blueprint it still shows in my hub. So it made a copy of it.

Think hub is stored in their servers and takes a while (a few hours) to update.

New Fortune Island routes

These may not show up in my hub but you can go to that location and custom routes for friends if you follow me.

Monster_Energy_Cliffhanger_CC by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Redbull_Cliffside_Scramble by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

thanks to the recent update it should be easier to found some of your route so will be checking a few of them out bud

I started my account just now just to tell you that your post is so well done and I’ve finished racing a couple of your longer routes. Best I’ve tried so far, HWYRenegade. Thanks much for doing these. I’m looking forward to trying the rest of your routes.

Heh, thanks for reviving this thread. Now I have more routes to try. :+1:t2: