Huge Road America Drift

Hi check out this absolutely huge drift in my Supra in the video below, also add me and check out some of my saved replays or on forza tv search Bernese alps, alps festival I think it’s called and the best video is called perfect driftin and it’s me in my monster of a supra, absolutely amazing replays on forza tv please have a look

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Link doesn’t work!

That’s weird it did work earlier, does anyone know how I can get my replays of forza tv onto YouTube or can’t you do that, as my replays are much better than the upload studio videos which I know there making it so you can put them straight on YouTube but the replays look so much better

Also have a look on forza tv at my replays I can assure you, you will enjoy it specially my perfect drift replay in the alps

Link now works

Bernese Alps Drift

Another video of my supra on the Bernese Alps

That drift on the sweeping corner of Road America was sick dude!

Check out my achievement gaining perfect drift on the big downhill sweeping corner of the alps. I used the Forza replay and “xbox record that” to get different angles

Yer that was good I do love the alps I reckon it’s one of if not the best track for drifting I like fast paced huge corners for drifting rather than loads of little bends,

I have loads of replay videos of the alps have a look at them there actually so good

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you should have shifted up to 4th gear and pulled towards the outside of the turn causing a wider drift, then locked your brakes for a speed decreasing slide.