I’m trying to tune the HSV GTS for my Cops & Robbers club ECPD and I’m having very little luck as I have a desirable amount of oversteer and turning ability, but the damn thing won’t maintain grip through turns. It will start to lose traction or slide at around 144 MPH. Anyone have any pointers?

u better specify more details regarding what u want and what upgrades u at. Not many know about what your club’s on about.

V12 Engine + Twin Turbo, race suspension & rally tires. I shouldn’t have to specify the build for someone to help me fix a traction issue.

You kinda do need to specify bud as the build could be where someone is going wrong i.e. Having something like stock tyres and wondering why it can’t be made to grip like other cars that have race tyres.

But I digress, the reason your car is most likely losing traction is because you have taken the car beyond its reasonable limitations. Is it a fully upgraded V12 as above post alluded to? Is it RWD or AWD? You may be able to gain a little more traction through tuning but it may be the build that is the main issue. Hence why people ask for the build details.

Fair enough. Fully upgraded V12, AWD. Rally tires and race tires seem to have the same result. I haven’t had time to tinker with tire pressures, busy in IRL.

You are trying to get a 1500hp v12 sedan to handle with rally tires, that’s probably one of the many problems that build has. You are more than likely over powering the chassis and the tires. Some cars can only handle so much power mid corner before they start to push (understeer) or just break traction on all four tires. Fiddle around with tire pressures and roll bars but I doubt you will see much improvement. Maybe add racing tires or something.