How's the online racing experience going?

Happy weekend guys and gals!

Just read about GT adding some cool stuff for online races @ euro:

Has anything changed in the past few months? Is it possible to create a lobby/hopper? Anything for dirty racers? Skill based matchmaking so I’m not doing a solo after the first turn?

Hope something’s different, but what have been the best hoppers for a clean race? Anything you’ve done to improve the online racing, tips or otherwise?

I would love to be able to race with folks whilst using the mic, but that just seems so hard. :frowning:

Anyway, cheers all!

More Class-based Hoppers are now available. Leagues launched just before Christmas. Spectating was added in February.

Privately, yes. Publicly, no.

A small handful of players have been designated as Race Marhsals by Turn 10. These players have the power to instantly kick people from Hopper lobbies. In addition the Marshals provide regular feedback to Turn 10 on the state of multiplayer and any players they’ve come across who are particularly problematic.

None in Hoppers, try leagues instead. Stay in Ghost events until you get promoted to Professional/Elite/Pinnacle, and then try out Simulation.

In general, Hoppers based around Divisions are going to be cleaner than the Breakout Hoppers. Cycled Division can also be good but still tricky as not everyone is used to driving a different car for every race.

I created a racing club; we race on Monday evenings (European time), usually get 15-20 people in a lobby. Don’t know if that’s of any use to you but the link’s in the signature if you’re interested.

The club has a Discord for voice chat :wink:

When there are people playing, pinnacle league isn’t terrible. Mostly just consistent problems of folks not knowing how to drive behind someone without bumping them. Some of the US guys who frequent pinnacle are a fun group to play with.

I’ve been running in the Modern Hot Hatch lobby quite a bit in the mornings ( est) and have been pleasantly surprised by some pretty decent racing. You get the typical noob pile ups and the occasional idiot, but overall it’s been pretty fun. Met a few new friends who are good clean racers as well.

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Yeah, i love that lobby!

Leagues are good, but even in pinnacle there are some folks who still like to throw elbows. Then there are some of the tier 1, super fast folks who don’t realize that there’s a decent capability split between them all all the tier 2 drivers like myself when fill in the rest of the grid. The result is occasionally being punted off the track at the apex.

I’ve had some really great races in the breakout C hopper, and have had a lot of fun in the endurance Forza GT hopper.

I think the faster breakout hoppers tend to be rough because a lot of people can’t safely drive cars that fast in traffic combined with massive variations in how vehicles perform. Extreme speed builds and extreme handling builds sharing the same track tends to lead to a lot of frustration when people are so focused on the color of the braking line they don’t realize that the car in front of them is on the brakes but the line is still green.

Overall though, it’s the same as it’s always been. Not really better.