How's my drifting? Not a beginner (VIDEO)

Hey guys,

I’ve been struggling a bit with Forza 5, I used to drift A LOT on Forza 4 but it feels like a completely different game… Anyway what do you guys think? I’d just built the car too so the tunes not 100%.

Video Link - Supra Drifting

Not bad guessing your a points drifter by the video so you could use a little more angle in the corners, but since it looks like your using negative camber I know its a little harder to keep steady angle in the corners might hit you up later tonight after i’m off work and I’ll give you some tips.

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Looks like smoothness is your only real issue. Try running a bit more front tire pressure. Sounds silly but ever since I tried running 40psi it’d made a world of difference. Also firmer anti-roll bars help a lot too, even just running them as sports.

Looks good though, maybe a bit more entry speed would be cool.

Not bad. You’ll get used to the physics of the game. I can’t say i got it right away it took some practice to get used to the game when i got my One.

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Cheers man! I agree I struggle with keeping a steady angle, my drifting isn’t that smooth but I’m working on it! I’ve been off Xbox for a bit but I should be on this afternoon, so hit me up if you want!

Thanks man I’ll try that! I’ve been working on entry speed and just general drift speed but can’t seem to get the hang of it, I was in a lobby the other day with some guys who we’re flying round the track and Id just spin off every time I tried to stay close to them!

Cheers, I’m getting used to it slowly, just a matter of adapting to it, I still play a bit of Forza 4 when I have friends round so that probably doesn’t help me getting used to 5!

Your line and throttle commitment are key. Make sure you’re on the racing line, what’s fast for racing will also be fast for drifting, and also try and not get on the throttle fully until you know you don’t have to take it off. Feathering and whatnot is fine, but on corner exit wait to stamp on it until you know you don’t have to release it.

One tip I can give you is horsepower isn’t always your friend. Too much can cause you to lose grip and actually slow down.

Seems to me like your gears are too tall. >_> try running like 3.50- 4.00 final drive and work from there.