How will the syncrination be? and optimization in Forza 5?

recently reinstalled Horizon 4 and the syncrination took longer than the dowlode from the game itself. Will the data also be available on my PC or only in the cloud?

and the game always optimizes the game after Nvidia update does that have to be?

It’s a good question, but I wouldn’t expect a good answer.

Who knows? But Motorsport 7 has no problems at all, loads really quickly.

The optimisation after driver updates is a modern API thing (Dx12 & Vulkan), so don’t expect that to change. The save synchronisation is an Xbox Live thing, so that’s entirely down to Microsoft as far as this layman can tell. The save data is always available locally, when it syncs it’s comparing the data on your PC to the Cloud. I’ve even got a symbolic link putting the save game on my own Cloud too for backup. If you’re interested I can give you the address to where it gets put for FH4.

I assume the lengthy synchronisation will still be farcically long. Why it downloads at a snail’s pace, regardless of your connection speed, Microsoft have never explained AFAIK.

I also assume that the Steam version is no better in that regard because I believe it still uses Xbox Live anyway. edit - apparently not, Steam uses a different save system so I just read in another thread.

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I hope it will get better.

The issue won’t be visible for the early ‘I spent an hours on the game, I have seen all’ reviews
The issue affects only intensive players that they totally ignored so far

Could be fixed by accident …

Live Sync 1H