How to view fellow forza horizon players pictures

How how do you view fellow forza horizon players pictures

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I have the same question. If I share a link to my gallery with others they are redirected to the website homepage.

How are we supposed to get the FH5 accolades for having our photos liked by others?

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Bumping this question in the hope that someone can : a) tell us how, or b) make it so as we can.

With the link above, all you need to do is replace the gamertag with the person who’s photos you’d like to view. Alternatively, you can search for photos by Gamertag in-game via the photo gallery, then press X to view their creative hub. If you’re doing it for the accolades, people can only like your photos in-game by downloading the photo and clicking X.


Try it by yourself. Change for example the gamertag with mine. You will directed to the main Page

Then you’ll need to refer to the in-game method, which does work.