How to use MSI afterburner ( RivaTuner ) in Forza Horizon 4 OR other monitor programmes?

Hello, does anyone know how to use MSI Afterburner ( RivaTuner) when playing Forza Horizon 4 ?

Or do you know of any program that works with this game and allows you to monitor CPU, GPU, RAM ?

But why some people can use it ?
And is there any way to monitor on display components usage ?

Whatever does not attempt to hook the game. (or does it in an unusual way)

Does the fact that the game self-crashes upon any hooking attempt really make much difference?..

If you just want the overclocking, you turn on Afterburner, set the overclock and then close afterburner, the card retains the overclock until poweroff/shutdown.
If you want the monitoring, I’m not sure what can be done there. I’ve used afterburner in the past without shutting it down and my game was stable, while other times my game would crash at startup screen,etc.

Windows patches and driver versions seemed to have at least something to do with that in the past…but I did find just shutting down afterburner and its partner app who’s name escapes me usually did the trick.

Unfortunately, for now the only way to monitor our PC components usage in game are background programs like HW info, but we can’t show information “on-display” during the game :frowning: