How to use manual with clutch?

I’m totally new to the Forza series and I’m having a hard time while using the manual with clutch transmission. Is there any tips and hints whenever using so? Do I have to let off the throttle, engage the clutch and change gears just like in real life or what?

Get a wheel with pedals. Otherwise, use manual without clutch. This was a hot topic of debate back with FM4, since it seems it’s possible to get a miniscule improvement in track times with it. But this is Horizon, more arcade than sim. Don’t torture yourself.

Erm… you do not need a wheel and pedals to use clutch. Controller is fine.

Back to your question, MoneyMan300 video on youtube explains it rather well. Though on Forza Motorsport 5 the same applies to Forza Horizon 2

I personally use LB-Clutch, X/B-Up & Down.

If you do need more help after watching the tutorial then post back here, many of us will gladly help out :slight_smile:

I never said you couldn’t. I said he shouldn’t torture himself with it on a controller in this arcade racer (even if it does have some sim pedigree). Clutchless shifting is fine. What really matters is manually choosing the gear/RPM for best control. Some milliseconds of shifting advantage for those with the nimblest and most proficient fingers won’t matter much here, and times will be worse for anyone who is all thumbs.

Someone actually posted time differences in a mile drag race using the same car and auto, manual, man w/cluth and i believe over the course of the drag race man w/ clutch was around .5 seconds faster than manual. So theres a much bigger difference than you think. Now think of that over the course of a 2 mile average race where you are shifting nearly 25x in a lap apposed to 2-6. The effect is compounded. I believe its something liek around 1 sec per lap difference.

A wheel and pedals are not required. A controller works fine. In fact, a wheel with paddles would be ok, but a wheel with an actual H shifter would be slower than a controller pad.

I use the same setup as Skreamies using LB for clutch and X/B for shifting. I typically push the buttons near the same time, it doesn’t have to be exact. Sometimes I shift then hit the clutch, sometimes I push the clutch and then the gear shift button. The clutch is also useful for purposes other than shifting which is why it can be so useful and help improve lap times. For one, it speeds up every shift by a fraction of a second. Say it makes you shift 1/100 of a second faster. If you shift 50 times in a race you just gained half a second where the transmission isn’t shifting or hanging around aimlessly. Second, you don’t have to shift when the game forces you to. Third, you can control your RPMs and use “neutral” to your advantage.

I use manual with clutch on a controller.

First step I did is in game go to options, controller settings and advanced and select swap e brake with clutch so clutch is on A and ebrake is on LB.

To change gears just press the clutch and the relevant button.

When changing up do not let off the gas.

Why the A button? I’m just curious? I always found the A-X combo to work well but the A-B combo I rather awkward.

I find A the easiest to use in all circumstances.

sat night is correct, nearly everyone i race with who uses man with clutch has it mapped as the a button. hit both buttons at the same time and off u go. This is what i do.

I use controller layout 6, where LB is shift down and RB is shift up, just like paddles on a real car. I also switch clutch and handbrake, so A is clutch and B is handbrake. I prefer to use whatever transmission the car has in real life - for a 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia, I use manual; for a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, I use manual with clutch. As for actually using manual with clutch, I typically press A and whatever bumper together at the same time. Just my personal setup - I find its easier this way than the standard A-X shifting. Hope this helps.


You can lay your thumb across the A/B,A/X buttons at the same time.

Manual with clutch is pretty easy for me. I went from auto to manual with clutch and it was very easy for me to get used to.

I use B for upshift and X for downshift. I use LB for clutch. The reason why I use the manual/clutch option is for the money.

So in down shifts, do you need to manually rev match as well?

Never felt I would go manual with clutch without wheel, pedals and H pattern, but I’m a bit more curious now.

Thought I am wincing already for my poor hands trying to handle a heel-toe.

Technically if you want the absolute best performance yes.

I don’t do so in Horizon though.

I just use the manual without clutch in this game because it sounds most real when you drive normal cars

I always felt like the clutch stays open for ages when you’re shifting with AT or MT.

Am I the only one who’s using config 12?

I’ve never ran Manual in any racing game until I hear my friends telling me how they rock MT in this game a couple days ago. I come to this thread and now am more intrigues to learn this skill. I’ve noticed the AT not responsive as it should be even after my (what I think is) dang good tuning. I think I will try and be learn-ed in this skill now.

Thanks for the advice everyone even though I am not the OP!

Running with clutch always gives you that little bit of time saving over the course of a race as long as done properly, for FH2 I just cannot be bothered to run with it