How to tell which of my tunes are being downloaded?

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of downloads of my tunes, but the messages don’t say which ones they are and I’d really like to know which ones are popular. Is there any way to tell without individually looking at every one I’ve got out there (about 150)?

Unfortunately not. You just need to check each tune, and to do that you need to be in the car and go to the “My Tunes” in the upgrade screen. If you go to the creative hub and look at all tunes there it wont tell you and if you click on a tune it will download it and save another copy of it.

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The thing that gets me is they already have the mechanic (sorry for the pun) in place to do it through Creative.

When you look at Liveries, it shows you all the liveries you have made, their star rating, and how many times they have been downloaded (though not liked, if I remember correctly)

For some reason they do not carry that over to Vinyls, but they easily could. The vinyls populate the same way Liveries do.

Now, when you click on Tunes, it gives a whole listing of all the tunes you have done including which cars they are on. But yet they don’t offer a view selection. Instead they have a report selection. Report? Why would you report your own tune? And what is reporting a tune?

So I’m not sure why they don’t, it seems they could. And with it being all in one place, it would be infinitely easier to keep track of which tunes people are downloading without having to systematically going through every single tune you have done. Just my thought.

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The star rating doesn’t actually work in there, it’s broken.

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I get rewarded with on average a 1k downloads, 200 likes and 400 uses each day yet I cannot tell you which tunes they are downloading. I’ve spent way too much time trying to find the tunes that are popular and finally just gave up!!