How to take screenshots WITHOUT a capture card (Easy tutorial!)

Hey guys, thought some of you would appreciate this.
You will need your Xbox One, Onedrive account, PC with video player software like VLC player (Recommended).

So first of you can get replays two ways in the demo. One is the end of races, the other is to rewind during freeroam then press x to enter replay mode. Get to the point where you want the screenshot, and press Y to hide the UI. Make sure the replay is paused as it will make the pictures nice and clear. Then capture 30 seconds of replay using ‘Xbox record that’/GameDVR. Once you have that import it into upload studio and trim the clip to only show the last second or two. You can do this with up to 5 clips to make 5 pictures. Then upload to Onedrive and download that clip to your PC.
With a video player like VLC Player, you can pause the video, and take screenshots from the video menu. Once you have them, they are ready to upload to your picture hosting site for parading on the forums!
Hopefully that’s clear enough to follow and helps you guys out. I’ll look forward to your pics until we get a proper photomode in the full release! :slight_smile:


I’ve done this before myself on various games. The only trouble is the picture quality is rubbish on account of the video quality not being very good. So much for the ultimate media centre in the Xbox One. Low quality video and no screenshot feature. MS need to give us a screenshot function like on the PS4 fast. Hell I’ve actually bought PS4 versions of games just because the Xbox One doesn’t have a screenshot function.

Obviously we can get around this with the in game photo mode when the game comes out but even then we wont be able to get shots that you can get by just capturing a screen.

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Screenshot feature is coming to Xbox One. I’m on the suggestions boards and it’s one of the most requested features. Major Nelson even mentioned it at one point, so it is coming. :slight_smile:
I’d have thought they’d have done screenshots before video to be honest. I mean pictures are quicker, take up less space and bandwidth. But at least they have acknowledged it.

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Yeah I know it’s coming but it can’t get here soon enough. I’ve even sounded off myself on the suggestions boards. MS though, they seem intent on adding new TV features and other garbage features to the Xbox One in updates before anything worthwhile. And they need to make it so that we can use this feature offline and store the pics to local storage. Not have to upload the damn things to OneDrive just to get them. They really do try my patience sometimes.

Definitely agreed with that. There’s a great 3-minute recording I have of Forza 5 that just refuses to save or upload to the Upload/OneDrive servers that’s probably going to vanish into the void before I have the chance to get it past their servers.

Now if I could just shove it on a USB stick and be done with it…

Thanks for sharing! I wondered how people were getting them and thought it may be the Game DVR/Upload functions.

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That’s ok guys, glad it helps. I want to see more people’s pics, and showing you how to get them up helps with that. Then we can flood the inter-world-size-webs with pictures of Forza Horizon 2’s majestic landscapes and beautiful machinery. :slight_smile:

Take that some other car game or whatever! lol

I know, but i’m guessing it will all have to go up into the cloud to work. It’s one of the way they try to catch pirates/keep them out of features.

just screenshots though. I mean, you can save and view vids and screenshots to the HDD and USB on the PS4. Sony don’t rely on the cloud for trivial things such as screenshots. You can’t really pirate anything from the ability to save screenshots locally. But anyway, I’ll just be glad to get the feature at all.

Yeah I know, but Microsoft really like to make pirates feel they’re missing out in the hope of enticing them into becoming paying customers. I’ve always had an issue with not being able to save to USB as it’s un-necessarily complicated, but hey-ho.
Like you i’ll be happy just to have it. My next suggestion for Microsoft is to let you program your own keys combos’macros for taking screenshots/DVR etc. Right now they want you to double tap the guide button then X to ‘Record that’. Not exactly simple. lol