How to somehow determine what class a car is best used for?

For racing that is. If there even is some kinda reasoning to it based on the stock PI or whatever?

As a rule of thumb use this. Pick a car and it should be competitive in a class on or at most usually two above it’s stock PI.

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Aight man thanks

This advice is often true but my tuning buddy also looks at how high the handling can be improved. So if the handling can’t be set up to be top notch for a class then you’d have to consider it for the next class down. The performance values often throw up inconsistencies and quirks that don’t make sense apparently .

For reference you might consider downloading a tuning file by say tuned by worm. How does it drive? What class is it in? Do this with a few different tunes for the same car to see what suits. This will give you a general indication of what you’re looking for.

I use trial and error.

Okay, this is a bit f info to off of. I’m gonna test around and see.