How to setup Wheel (Sidewinder)


can anybody tell me how to setup the wheel “Sidewinder”.
Is maybe anybody playing with this wheel?

I do not think that is a supported wheel. They do not support older wheels even though they work with other games on PC. Neither is the white Microsoft 360 wheel on a PC.

Dang, a Microsoft Sidewinder. Is it force feedback as well? I wore two of those out. Great wheel for its time.

The Sidewinder stuff was all good. The Force Feedback 2 joystick still sells second hand for over a hundred quid all these years after it was discontinued.

If it’s not supported, you could contact the makers of the Drive Hub to see if that makes it compatible. I use a Drive Hub to use my PC/Xbox Fanatec wheel with PS4, and it works very well.

However, the Drive Hub isn’t super cheap, so you’d certainly have to think about whether you’d prefer to spend that money on partly covering the cost of a new wheel.