How to qualify for online adventure?

Can somebody explain where I am going wrong in online adventure to qualify in the playlist; I have played hours online (reached level 8) and still haven’t qualified??? I’ve been playing team race.

Have you done any ranked adventures yet…you need to do them

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That’s what I have been doing; i’m still unranked at lvl 4 out of 10. If I am suppose to reach lvl10 then that will take ages as the races take so long to set up and i don’t understand how to up my lvl as i’ve been on the winning side loads of time.

By level 4 out of 10, you’re talking about the bar graph that increases by 1, each time you finished a ranked adventure? If so, and it isn’t increasing, by chance are you playing different adventures instead of concentrating on just one, such as team based?


This entire post is gibberish. Please read my previous post.

And disciple1968, please ignore it.

Just doing team based and that bar does not increase by one everytime you finish a ranked adventure; I hav e done loads of ranked and only reached lvl 4

If it’s not moving for you after completing an adventure, it should. Win or lose.

Might try restarting console from system restart, if on PC, may log out, restart, log back in and relaunch game.

I think there’s some terminology confusion here. If you go into “My Horizon Life”, it shows you your “level” for online racing adventure. You need to get that to level 3 to unlock Ranked. You then do 10 ranked adventures (progress shown as x/10) to get your initial Rank and qualify for a League.

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Well I have done about 5 so far this morning and only gained one point in the process; it just doesn’t seem to work

can you post a screenshot of your ranked adventures screen

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As far as I know this is all the info I can give you

Where does it show you as level 4

You are definitely playing ranked adventures and not quickplay


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This is totally wrong as well.

Well I finally qualified; the way I had to do it was do one ranked match, exit the game completely, start FH4 again and do another ranked match. This way I got a point for every game that I did.
Thanks for all your help and making me think outside the box to get this sorted, most appreciated.

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All of your screenshots indicated the system was working just fine. Your screen shot of the Ranked Adventures showed qualification at 7 out of 10 (the bottom of the Ranked Team Racing Tile). Your Horizon Life Stats tab indicated you had 1 win and 5 losses which equals 6 total games and leads me to believe you also had 1 disconnect to get the 7 out of the 10 qualifying games. FYI, Disconnects will negate any stats from adding to your horizon life stats, but it will still affect your rank score/tier and it still counts to your ranked qualification. Everything shown in your screenshots indicated you just needed to play 3 more ranked qualification games to get the 10 out of 10 qualifiers completed. I assume the level you were referring to as level 4 was your Team Adventure Horizon Life level, which increases with Influence earned from playing team adventures. After you completed your 10 qualifiers it would have given you your Rank Tier and Score (this is independent of your horizon life level in team adventures).

Erm… so how come when you look at my stats it says I have done 37 (pic supplied) and these were all done in the ranked game so to qualify?