How to play fh4 with friends with no xbox live gold?

I want to play with my friends in fh4 but I don’t have xbox live gold. My friends do however have gold. There are no accounts on my xbox that have gold. How can I play with my friends?

Play on (PC or Steam version)
get Gold subscription

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As above, you can only play without Gold by playing on PC. An Xbox version requires Gold to play anything online.

Never really understood why; seems like Microsoft is just begging to get slapped with a class-action lawsuit over this…

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Class Action for what, exactly? Every game released since 2005 on xbox has been “Xbox Live Gold Subscription Required for Online Multiplayer”. Its a walled garden maintained as a service…you get free games every month, you get discounts on sale prices for purchasing through their store, its basically like any other membership you pay for. In this case you’re paying for the microsoft service to keep the walled garden supported, aka: the messenger service, the servers to have capacity to play the games, the integrated chat options (outside of whatever the game itself provides), party making and all that stuff.

PC is free, of course, but PC also (used) to mean having to run a separate app for chat, finding the correct servers, etc, then having to use multiple match-making services and games that get hacked by cheetz within 30 seconds of availability, etc.

There are lots of perks too, not dissing PC, just saying with XBLive that’s what you’re paying for.

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Never quite understood why you need to buy Gold for Online on the Xbox but don’t need it for PC…that has never made any sense to me…that just pushes players to PC thus lowering Console sales?

If it’s a matter of being unable to afford to purchase Gold, try using the Microsoft rewards app (PC, mobile and Xbox)…I started using it last August and have only had to pay for Gold once since then as I earn close to enough each month to redeem for Ultimate Game Pass which includes Gold in it (12,000 points). Doesn’t even require much work: 30-70 points a day from the PC site (plus 3 points for each search via Bing), 10 points daily for opening a Game Pass game and opening the mobile app. Then various amounts for playing a certain number of GP games each month, getting achievements etc etc. Plus the Xbox Rewards app: 100 points weekly for completing simple tasks, 100 weekly for simply clicking a box (weekly treasure), 2,000 points a month for doing more simple tasks. It all adds up quickly without any major effort…takes 10-20 minutes a day in total

Personally, Ultimate Game Pass (which effectively gives you Gold for free) is worth the £11.99 a month just for the free games it includes…thanks to that I have found so many games I never played before like Halo, Gears and a multitude of others.

They can do it on the xbox because they own the hardware, the software and the ecosystem, including the digital download store where you can buy the games direct. Basically, ahem, its because they are a monopoly :slight_smile: