how to make level faster for affinity car brands?

I’m current level 47 ingame but my BMW affinity is still not level 20 and it take a lot XP to reach next levels, i really want reach those level 50 affinity for achievement but how i can do that within three weeks?

I’m doing Event list A class championship because its a good xp for now with BMW E92 A600

Setup an online private lobby then run Benchmark Layout A for 15 minutes with all assists off and 11 Professional AI. If you don’t have the Benchmark test track DLC, Sunset Peninsula Speedway may work instead. Use a fully upgraded BMW LMR and repeatedly win the 15 minute races; it should give you pretty decent affinity XP.

There may be a faster way, but I don’t know of one. This is the method I originally used to grind for CR and affinity.

how much xp is it then?And why 11 AI? not 1?

About that track, layout A is that the one look like as Indianapolis Brickway Speedway? i think i have that DLC

I can’t remember how much XP it is, but I remember it being a lot. I did 11 AI because I would assume it increases the payout, but I never reduced it to 1 to be sure. You can mess with the settings as much as you’d like and figure out what pays the best.

Yeah, Layout A is a big rectangle track in a parking lot.

i see, 30k xp and i see why only 11 AI because it’s maximum not 16 hmm

edit: hmm first time i did drive full 15min and get 42miles driven in total, 30k xp for easy drivers
second time i set difficult drivers AI to hard instead easy i hope to get more xp, but i drive for 10minutes and leave 5minutes because i had more then 50k ft far away from second place so i did not driven that last 5minutes and i had 28miles driven in total and i get only 20k xp wtf weird

maybe its depend on 10-20-30 miles to get 10k-20k-30k xp? now i’m doing 3th time and drive at last 30miles in 10minutes race to see i will get 30k or not

edit2: hmm its not depend on 10miles etc… because i just finished 32miles in 11minutes driving and i get only 23k xp

Yeah, it’s strange. I think 20 minutes may give you a little bit more XP; the payouts are capped at a certain amount of time, but I can’t remember if it was 15 minutes or 20 minutes…

i hope its worth my time because all time same corners drive me crazy lol

i just finished 50 laps race and i got 50k xp but only one lvl up for affinity and i still need 27 lvl’s to go lvl up for affinity
i’m not sure i want play this all days to get lvl 50 one day next year

edit: hmm i really love drive on those track Nordschleife, so i tried drive there

  • 5 laps = 50k xp in 35minutes and 48sec
  • 4 laps = 48k xp in 28minutes and 7sec