how to make a wheelie car

Can someone tell me what car to use and how to tune it right to do good wheelies

Look for cars with rwd and back mounted engines. The ruf and the vw beetle come to mind. Your after as much rear end weight distribution as possible. Slap some drag tires on it, when tuning lower the ride height on the back and soften the suspension in the rear, keep the front a but stiffer. In alignment keep everything straight 0.0, don’t put any front aero on. Then just get as much horsepower as you can. I’m nor sure about a rollcage, I think they mostly affect side to side stiffness and not so much front to back, do the weight reduction though, less weight will mean better accel and should mean more traction which will help with the fast launch. When adding anything, just keep an eye on the weight distribution and try avoid anything that adds weight back towards the front by too much. That should be it by memory. I think you can get away with mid engine mounted cars but nothing to low to the ground. Taller cars would work better (so no Ferrari f50’s or anything sleek like that).

Try anything that is high torque, high output, American Muscle. Use drag tires.

max out your cars power,and put drag tires on. Then max all rear suspension parts then lower all front suspension parts. lower rear tire pressure raise front tire pressure. Max your ride hieght and raise your caster. Set your gear ratio for maximum power ,probably around 2.80 .This will not work on all cars some, dont do wheelies.

This is an extreme basic tune I use ,so you will most likely need to fine tune these adjustments if using it on a VW beetle, or Lancia Delta S4. The S4 is bucking beast that will crash any racer next to you if tuned like I recommended above . I use my wheelie S4 in tag matches .

Oh almost forgot 100% accel for the Differential. And no assist’s

Have Fun

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Why does everyone think RWD hmm… weird.
Anyway the best way is actually AWD FACT! (Not in RL)
Max the build, everything. (Not the front splitter and not the Rim Size… keep them stock)
Then use this tune (Works for mostly everything)
Tyres: 30 / 30
Gearing depends on Car but I always use a 6.10 final drive
Alignment: -2.5 / -2.5 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 7.0
ARB’s: 40 / 40
Spring: Front to the bottom / Rear Stock
Damping: 1.0 / 1.0 / 3.0 / 1.0
Braking: Personal Preference
Aero: To the bottom
Differential: 100 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 85

Well this is true but I dont race AWD cars . I was just giving my advice on a easy RWD wheelie car .I can add weight to the front of my car and still pop the tires up ,but this is supposed to be a racing simulator. Now if Forza makes a Monster Truck DLC ,lol.

And I love to join a awd lobby and win with a rwd tune.

He is 110% right. I have his nova tune and it does circus wheelies. I can even launch and bang 2nd and keep it in the air draggin bumper. Kudos bro awesome tune

Increase ride heights to max to maximise weight transfer to the rear tyres (and off of the front).

Increase ride heights to max to maximise weight transfer to the rear tyres (and off of the front).