How To Kill A Snowman?

In my quest to kill as many snowmen as possible today, for the Forzathon, I’ve noticed that many times, I do not get the “Snowman” message. Is there a trick to properly killing a snowman, to make the achievement register? I see the message, maybe once for every 5 or 6 snowmen that I hit. Are the others actually registering?

I started just running them over , then remember the bucket list challenge to run down snowman. Use the bucket list as in that challenge alone you are supposed to wipe out 20. There are many more available during the bucket list.


I second this. Bucket list with the Bowler.

Some wreckage skills require speed - try hitting them at over 50mph. Also there may be cool-off period where successfully smashing the next one won’t give you the points.

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Make sure you are actually hitting the snowman. Emphasis on you.

The reason I say that is some snowmen are behind a fence, and if/when you hit the fence first, if a part of the fence hits and destroys the snowman, then you technically didn’t destroy the snowman, the fence did, hence why it doesn’t count. It’s kinda dumb, but you got to live with it.


yep i was wondering why sometimes i got wreckage and not snowman , this explains it

And if you hit a snowman at 10-15kph it will count
Or at least it did for me
Was testing to see how slow i could go for it still to count

Thanks for the responses. I finally completed the Snowman achievement for Forzathon. Good to know about the wreckage in front of the Snowman.

The reward pop-up also does not appear instantly. For me it appeared after a few minutes when I’ve already given up hitting them.

but I thought this weekends forzathon was broken? Did you get the correct reward then?

The reward is a hundred thousand credits.

Don’t know why everyone else is recommending certain speeds to hit and stuff. I left my game unpaused for a few minutes, came back and was rolling down the street. My Lancia hit a snowman at less than five miles per hour and I got the skill or whatever.

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I think the issue is sometime it just doesn’t count. And people are trying to figure out why. I think one of the reasons is other objects strike the snowman. But honestly I think there is something crossed. I’ve knocked down snowman and not got the skill. I’m not sure there is an answer.

I’ve driven completely through snowman and nothing happens.
I got a screen shot of one in my passenger seat in scoobie Rally car. :slight_smile:


Taking Frosty for a ride


My method to this was drive to town wreck a couple snowman (you need to hit them)
Then I set up championships (3 races) with this track that has the snowman (can’t rember suburban scramble or lakeside ???) in each championship until it popped only 2 laps on this and one lap on the others. This way I was working toward the 15 races in Rally monster – granted there is no car to win. But I was smashing snowman and completing races.

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